A little wild and Tameless

You may have noticed Tameless hairstyles popping up in my posts more often lately, this store has been around for a while and has, in my opinion, made a running jump to catch up with some of the other hair designers. This jump has been so successful it is always exciting to receive another blogger sample from Tameless through the blogger group I am in. So although I am not a blogger for Tameless I can’t resist sharing some of the newer releases. Today’s pictures are a little different..and I mean little.

Tami petite hairstyle, fantasy shades, Tameless

I never knew Tameless created hair for petites, these are fantastic , because Tameless huds are packed with colour options. I chose to use the fantasy shades today and picked two winged outfits from Bare Rose. Why winged? I don’t know but I also ended up at a fae sim to take the pictures.

Rita hair, petite, fantasy shades, Tameless

Body: Petites Royal Rose, Fallen Gods
Hair: picture 1 ~ Tami ( petite) fantasy shades, Tameless
2 ~ Rita ( petite) fantasy roots shades, Tameless
Eyes: Petite Orchard eyes, gold, Painfully Devine
Clothing: picture 1~ Petite Bouvardia C2, Bare Rose
2~ Petite Blood Navigator, Bare Rose
Poses: Female Petite poses, In-Pose
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Faery%20Crossing/161/70/25


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