A step out of time

Purple Moon @ FFL

I have spent the day wandering around several more of the transport themed sims of the Fashion For Life event that opens on the 7th June .. yes THAT soon. However if you can’t wait ( and don’t have the advantage of early blogger access) there is a way that YOU can get in before the crowds. A limited number of VIP tickets are available for purchase, here are the details:

“On June 6th, our inspection day when we check all the stores and make sure everything is as it should be, we will open the sim for 100 VIPs. Yes, 100 folks over 10 sims for an uncrowded, quiet shopping excursion.So how do you do it? Donate 2500 lindens to Relay For Life at this vendor <http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/vendor-details/?vendorid=6534&gt; on the American Cancer Society’s sim. In exchange for your donation, you will get to enjoy the sims avatar and lag free and get to see all the exclusives first. ” ( copied from group notice FFL ).

These sims are absolutely inspiring and a photographers dream, and the shops paradise for those who enjoy hunting out exclusives whilst supporting a good cause. Remember the Fashion For Life event is run in support of fundraising for the American Cancer Society. You will see donation kiosks as well as notification of what percentage of the cost of each item is being donated to this worthy cause. For those amongst us who love gachas, there are the equivalents gotyas, on each sim.. plus for the hunters there is a passport game , more information to come as I haven’t stopped to explore this aspect of the FFL event- yet.

Purple Moon Drew, FFL Exclusive

Both of the outfits in these photos are from PurpleMoon, exciting right! The wonderful steampunk inspired outfit in the first photo is called Time Traveller and I decided that the Journey sim with its similarly inspired decor and transportation would be the perfect location for a photo. I then went wandering and found this sweet tree in the middle of a room so I slipped into the FFL  exclusive version of the beautiful Drew gown, it is fluid and silky in a soft lilac shade so I added a few floral accessories from NSP Florals.

NSP Florals, incl love in bloom

Skin: Taylor (cleav./red eyebr..) – chai, Elysium
Hair: Valentin Hair (regular) – Equinox,
~Tableau Vivant~
Eyes:Ardent Eyes – Bone. IKON
Outfit 1: Time Traveller Outfit brown, PurpleMoon- includes boots and top hat
Acessories:Cantabile (B) / 6th anniversary Edition, *+Crie Style+*
Corset Seam Tights – White, ~Cannibelle~
Outfit 2: Drew Gown in Cream/Lilac, PurpleMoon
Accessories: Lady Flora Crown in Violet & Gold , NSP Florals ( Steals for Deals) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/113/172/25
Love In Bloom Boutonniere (Arizona Heather) , NSP Florals
Extras: Slink flat hands
Picture 1 Pose: Irresistible Gifty, KaTink
Picture 2 Poses : Lotus Pose1 , Kirin
Striking, Picture This!
Location: Journey sim( builder TotalLunar Eclips ) @ Fashion For Life – opening 7th June


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