A whole new me- well kind of.

Serenity June

Do you see the difference? Well I must admit it is very hard to tell, but that’s not my usual body, sounds funny doesn’t it! Continuing in the footsteps of the Slink feet and hands ( of which I am an established fan) comes Physique the fitted mesh body from Slink. Now you can smooth out some of the harder points and edges of the SL default body with the simple addition of an alpha , mesh body and of course the matching skin applier. It is great to see how fast skin makers are jumping on board with creating appliers to give you a seamless match when you wear the Physique with your favourite skin.  Already Izzies, Adam n Eve, DeeTaleZ, Glam Affair, WoW Skins, Lumae, Lara Hurley, Modish, Stargazer Creations and Skinnery have already got the necessary appliers on their shelves. I am sure notices will be trickling out on a daily basis as more skin and clothing designers get their hands on the hud.

Some really great news is that there are a lot of mesh clothing that fits over this body enhancement either with or without enabling the hud alpha system that comes with the body. There are difficulties of course especially with really unique hemlines and low cut backs as at this point you cover front and back together, though sides of your body can be covered by the alpha independent of each other- take a look at the next picture to see what I mean.

physique alpha applier

There are lots of things I love about this body over some of the other mesh bodies that have been released already ( of which I have tried two- The Mesh Project/ The Shops, and Wowmeh – currently unavailable).

1. The perfect fit of my Slink hands and feet, since made by the same designer of course they work perfectly together. There is a mesh head also available at Slink, titled Visage there are several versions and skin stores have appliers, so if you wish you can be completely mesh by Slink.

2. I love that there is very little change to my shape, I can wear a different base shape or adjust the sliders of my own and the fitted mesh body enhancement instantly changes around this. The other two mentioned either made my hips or breasts change shape significantly.

3. Skin makers are making appliers, clothing designers have started to release some too. Yes this was done for Wowmeh ( but this is currently unavailable as it is being redeveloped). This means variety, you are not limited to wearing the skins that are available by the maker of the body, though there are skins included in the package plus a dress too.

4. I am LOVING the smoother edges. For anyone who takes photos regularly you will know exactly what I am referring to, those pointy or broken knees, elbows and shoulders that can spoil a perfect shot, or result in you having to take a photo into a photo editing program to fix the jagged breaks. Take a look at the series of photos below to see what I mean, on the left I am wearing the Slink Physique body, on the right as I usually am. I have added a few arrows to indicate the areas I would usually smooth out. I don’t usually do very much to alter a photo preferring to show things as they are in world but those jagged body parts have always annoyed me, for today’s photos I have only cropped and resized.

collage phys comp 2 collage phys comp 3 collage phys comp 4 collage phys comp 5

Subtle differences but ones I find pleasing to the eye, and this is one reason I will be using the Physique body in posts when I can, so I will be noting this in the extras part of my details alongside my Slink hands and feet.

So far the only drawbacks I have found are not unique to this body :

1. As I don’t wear a mesh head there is a slight line visible where the body merges with my own, mid neck. The hud does include some options to help with this join but I believe the best way to address it may be a tattoo blending layer.

2. The inability to get a perfect match with the alphas required with certain pieces of mesh clothing, just the same as if you tried to wear a mesh skirt with the wrong alpha leaving a small invisible gap, or an area where your body slips through as you move. As I said not a unique issue to the Physique body and I have heard that Slink owner and creator Siddean Munro, along with her team , is already working on refinements.

Here is a link to the Slink webpage :http://slinkstyle.com/ and  a guide for questions related to Slink Physique: http://docs.slinkstyle.com/physique/customer/

Now before I drop down to the details section a few more photos, this time some close ups from the first shot .

Vintage Bliss Steel blue Pearls, Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Zuri Rayna has released a set of delicate pearl jewelry in a range of colours but has also released it in two versions, this beautiful steel blue arangement I am wearing is version 2. Version1 of the same set has additional pearls neslted amongst the filigree circling the flowers. Both versions are gorgeous so I suggest you head to the mainstore and check out all of the variations, remember by wearing your group tag when purchasing from the single vendors ( including NEW releases) on the first two floors you get a generous 25% discount.

Cascading Jeweled Peony Bouquet, Sapphire, NSP Florals

Then wander through the other stores on the sim making sure to stop in at NSP Florals to pick up your own Cascading Peony bouquet, I couldn’t resist this bold blue version. I love flowers in both RL and SL so I am always excited to see what beautiful new blooms that Norena Soir creates.

Now time for details and SLurls:

Skin: Lilith – Jamaica 12 D, Glam Affair –
Hair: * KARMA*/darkbrown, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Leather , IKON
Gown: Adele’s Secret in Sky , *{Junbug}*
Jewelry: Vintage Bliss Steel Blue Pearl V2, necklace, earrings and bracelet, Zuri Rayna Jewelry http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/196/193/25
Accessories: Cascading Jeweled Peony Bouquet (Sapphire), NSP Florals http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/113/172/25
Lingerie: Rose Lingerie Popcorn, includes system layers, plus appliers for SLink physique, Adam n Eve
Extras: Physique Mesh Figure V1, Slink  – free demo available-   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slink/45/124/24
Slink high feet and flat hands with Double Sparks Polish from {ZOZ} (@ Summer of Love)
Poses: Giz Poses, *PosESioN*- used for comparative shots


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