Celebrating Red, White and Blue

4th July 2014

You don’t have to be an American to appreciate some great offers based around the red, white and blue colour-scheme but when so many things are festooned with stars and stripes it would help. Though I am not American I can still appreciate some great items like this fantastic bikini from BOOM. As part of 50L Friday there is 2 American themed bikinis available, one mesh and one that is system and applier based, each at this super low price.

First up the fun selfie pose which comes with flag detail which is a group gift in the notices, what a fun surprise!

red, white and blue close up

Now I have to apologize , every now and then my graphics seem to throw a “dirty” look on my skins, when I look at my settings I don’t see it as different from usual but as soon as I open the photo in PS I see a greyish tinge to it, no matter how many times I re-shoot the photo. I could have delayed and tried again tomorrow, but as I am not focusing on the skin as one of my items of interest I decided to just go with it today.

My bold makeup is FREE as a gift from Carrie’s Lingerie , available in both VIP room and main store, along with a patriotic coloured pair of fairy wings. I really love effect of the fine silvery lines at the corner of this makeup and the light almost twinkling stars. Zuri Rayna Jewelry has this fantastic set available for a reduced price 25L, but if you are in group and wear your tag it’s yours for a mere 1L !

Renewal 4th July, Ecce Bellus

As I was checking out the notecard about the TGIF offers at Blacklace I saw these great shoes for wearing with Slink high feet and raced over to grab them. They are not specific to wearing around Independence day so I will definitely be slipping them on again soon.

Skin: Isla Suntan Natural Brunette (Chest D),*League*
Hair: Harley – Fantasy worn with Buzzed Hairbase Red 2, Tameless
Eyes:’Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Blue, IKON
Clothing: Hampton Bikini, stars and stripes, *BOOM* (50L Friday offer)
Makeup:Patriotic Full MU, Carrie’s Lingerie – FREE gift
Jewelry: Hearts Desire Necklace and Earrings , Zuri Rayna Jewelry 4th of July Gift
Accessories: Mesh Hat (4 th July), NS
Shoes: Renewal, .:Ecce Bellus:
Extras: Slink high feet and casual hands with Wet Ruby Silver polish (RARE) from {ZOZ} ( @ Oh My Gacha)
Pose prop: July 4th Gift, includes 2 phones and pose for make and female, KaTink


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