Scene of the crime

Case : 3082       –  Also referred to as  Murder without a Clue

Location: The Mansion, Siren Productions

Victim:  Mr Resident

Suspects: Numerous colourful characters

Lead Investigator: Detective Who

Case photographer : Mr What

Case notes documented by : Ms Why


It was late in the evening when I was called to a magnificent mansion in the hills of our fair city. But this was not a social call, no such luck. For the only reason a lowly officer of the law such as myself is invited into the halls of the wealthy is on the occasion of a crime. This was truly the case and as the clock in the drawing room ticked ever close to midnight I stood above the corpse of the late Mr Resident and pondered his unfortunate demise.

Gathered together to enjoy the hospitality of the victim were an assorted bunch of guests, some wealthy, some famous.. and all appearing to try and conceal some mystery that would surely point the finger of justice in their direction. However that is what must happen, the murderer must be discovered and justly punished after trial. But that is some time away first the clues must be discovered the motive revealed and then the killer unmasked. A team of  investigators will work tirelessly through the night under the watchful eye of the officer in charge. This job is mine, my name is Detective Who and I am on the case.


Inspired by the fantastic Crime Scene setting created by Boudoir and available at the Clue themed area of Month of Games, I shall weave a brief tale of murder, intrigue, passion and crime. So return to my blog to check out the next installment in this detective story, but keep your wits about you as we must discover the culprit before they can strike again.

Skin: Jacob Pale Group Gift, -Belleza-
Hair: Resident Hair – Holidays gift ( old), ~Tableau Vivant~
Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Antique , IKON
Outfit: CLUE The Game, 69 Park Ave GQ ( @ Month of Games)
Pose Copacetic, {exposeur}
Decor: Crime Scene Investigation, Boudoir ( @ Month of Games)







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