Case : 3082       –  Also referred to as  Murder without a Clue

Location: The Mansion, Siren Productions

Victim:  Mr Resident

Suspects: Numerous colourful characters

Lead Investigator: Detective Who

Case photographer : Mr What

Case notes documented by : Miss Why


Friday 11pm : Investigation team arrived on location. The following is a record of the investigation notes and photos of the suspects in this particularly brutal murder.

The victim, the owner of the mansion has been discovered covered in his own blood, atop a particularly splendid persian rug, in his Study. The various guests have been gathered to account for their whereabouts over the last two hours as the group confirmed, collectively, their host had last been sighted alive at 9pm as they were all gathered within the Drawing Room for after- dinner drinks.


Suspect 1: Miss Peacock

whodunit Miss Peacock

Notes:  In the bird world the female peacock is less flamboyant than her male counterpart and is often unseen, this also appears to be so within this strange collection of house guests. Miss Peacock claims to be a long time friend of the deceased, was she tired of being overlooked for the more flashier guests? Was she jealous of attention the victim bestowed on the younger and more flirtatious Miss Scarlet?

Miss Peacock was the first to discover the body of the victim, she raised the alarm shortly after. She claimed to be seeking some reference material to cite in a rather heated debate with Professor Plum, as the reason she left the other guests and sought out a tome of truth within the study. Did she find what she sought or did she see something else? Something that enraged her, something that drove her to killing her dear friend?


Suspect 2: Professor Plum

whodunit Prof Plum

Notes: A rather ” dishy” Professor (let this be noted that this was as judged by the note taker rather than the Detective), this fashionably attired gentleman has been of late the ” flavor of the month”. With recent works published and the accompanying round of lectures fully booked, Professor Plum appears to be flourishing in his sudden rise to fame. However he was seen in several heated debates over the evening, one with the host, and one with Miss Peacock as mentioned earlier. Has there been a reason to question this elite educationalist? Did he enter the Study prior to Miss Peacock, confront his host and then destroy him and the evidence of any information that casts doubt over his findings.

Or was this a case of a complex love triangle web. It has been indicated that Professor Plum is an ardent admirer of the promising young starlet , Miss Scarlet. It has been noted that while previously she has appeared to encourage this infatuation, this evening the luminescent  actress has appeared to be besotted by the recently returned army officer Colonel Mustard. There is even a rumor that the host is in fact a beloved benefactor for Miss Scarlet, is there truth in this hearsay? Was jealousy of this relationship the motivation which drew Professor Plum to the study to end the victim’s involvement and life?


Suspect 3: Miss Scarlet

whodunit Miss Scarlet

Notes:The aptly named Lady in red commands attention from the intoxicating tease of her alluring perfume to her delicate hand movements as she speaks. Her husky voice has the distinctive rasp of a long term smoker, and I am sure that is why she must paint her nails so vividly, to hide the nicotine stains of course. No I will not amend my notes, I believe this to be a relevant factor as her bold colour choice masks any trasnfer should she have come in contact with a bloodied corpse. ( Fine – I shall note here that some of my observations may be tainted by the way the alleged suspect is flirting heavily with my fiancee Mr What, acknowledged in notes at the request of Detective Who on noting the ” tone ” of my documentation, signed Miss Why).

Lauded for her acting and graceful beauty this darling of the stage has been seen upon many an arm of eligible bachelors. However of late it has been noted she has also become accustomed to the company of less available members of the gentry and popular society. Never seen on the arm of one gentleman on successive evenings is this a sign she  is enjoying her popularity, or that she is fickle in her affections or worse yet is she toying with hearts of the male populace.Her most recent paramour Professor Plum appears to have been replaced by the newly arrived Colonel Mustard, however it was noted by several house guests that the lady in question had been seen to be having a heated argument with our host, her long standing benefactor Mr Resident. Did she feel the need to remove this complication and free herself to pursue the much more age -appropriate Colonel Mustard? Or was there another reason for the noticeable scent of her expensive perfume in the Study when she claims not to have entered this room at all this evening?


Suspect 4: Colonel Mustard

whodunit Col Mustard

Notes: The dashing Colonel Mustard is the least familiar to the mansion and the other guests, for this is his first visit, he claims. He has recently returned from a long overseas expedition and has a healthy tan to support this fact. Although his suit fits him admirably there is an air of casualness to his appearance and manner which indicates he is not often in a situation of such sophistication. The Colonel appears a confident ladies man and has easily engaged and charmed the ladies of the house party. However the other gentleman we have spoken to tonight was not so complementary, in fact he raised concerns over the validity of the Colonel’s rank, something that he claimed that the host would have been able to prove. Was this motive enough for the recent arrival to take a militant action and remove any proof in support of this challenge?

Or was it the proposed love triangle, with Colonel Mustard returning to his homeland to aid in the removal of Mr Resident?  Thus allowing him to make his addresses to the well admired actress who appears to know this gentleman far better than possible from a solitary evening’s acquaintance. Or was he motivated by something more altruistic, the ties of blood perhaps? For it has been noted by the ever observant Mr What that the fine Colonel bears a striking resemblance to the final suspect the efficient and petite Miss White.


Suspect 5: Miss White

whodunit Miss White

 Notes: The first face to greet us as we arrived at the mansion of the deceased was the polite though tear stained visage of the young Miss White. Perhaps it was her youthfulness which resulted in tears whilst the house guests themselves remained calm and stoic. Perhaps it is the stress of the situation, the realization that she is now without employment. Or is this merely an act to mask her true feelings, perhaps Miss Scarlet is not the only to have been indebted to Mr Resident?

Miss White appears sweet and innocent but is there more to this young lady’s story? A familial connection has been confirmed  Colonel Mustard is in fact her eldest brother who has been overseas for many years, he has not seen his sister since she was still in childhood when he sailed. Was there some confrontation with Mr Resident over the treatment of Miss White who has been in his employ for almost a year now? Or was the confrontation between the victim and Miss White herself, though she may be delicate in frame she is much used to handling knives within the kitchen and admits that she was taught by her father on how to handle a gun.


Summary:  The detective has spoken to all present at the time of the incident, he now awaits some results from the lab and the report of the medical examiner in the morning. Until then the entire household is under house arrest and is each member is being isolated to their assigned sleeping quarters. Police officers are located at the entrances and scattered throughout the mansion.  Detective Who, Mr What and myself are within the Study itself now that the body has been removed to the morgue. They continue with a thorough investigation of the room to identify any further clues whilst I compile the notes up to thi………

Addendum: My previous documentation was interrupted by a sudden power cut at approximately 2am. We were able to remedy the situation as it appears to have been a mere faulty connection in the fuse box, however with the return of light and power came a piercing loud scream.. I fear more trouble has befallen the occupants of the Resident Mansion and our investigation continues.

 Notes completed by: Miss White
Witnessed by :  Detective Who and Mr What


 I hope you had fun reading my short tale, details for each outfit is below. Remember that the Month of Games continues with a Clue themed series of events this weekend:


SATURDAY July 26th, 2014

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SLurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black%20Veil/129/141/1997


Details: Miss Peacock
Skin: Solomon (red eyebr.) – chai, Elysium
Hair: Carrie – Browns, .ploom. ( @ Hair Fair)
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Leather, IKON
Outfit: Miss Peacock, !:Lybra:! ( @ Month of Games)
Shoes: Hera Wrap Heel Bronze, Slink
Extras: Slink high feet and casual hands with {coffee} polish, .mien.

Details: Professor Plum
Skin: Jacob Tan BBB 1, -Belleza-
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE 4 darkbrown
Eyes: Eternal Eyes – Tobacco , IKON
Outfit: Professor Plum, !:Lybra:! ( @ Month of Games)
Shoes: Leather Loafers, HOC Apparel
Extras: K_gs Sofian Mesh sunglasses

Details: Miss Scarlet
Skin: MIA ~BlackLabel~ PA RED MEB, [PXL]
Hair: FRANCINE hair – Marilyn, [LeLutka] ( @ Hair Fair)
Eyes:’Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Blue , IKON
Outfit: Miss Scarlet Dress, Son!a ( @ Month of Games)
Jewelry: Karen, Necklace in Black Pearl, Virtual Impressions
Extras: Slink casual hands with Blacklace Beauty Glossy polish

Details: Colonel Mustard
Skin: Daniel Skin -summertone – trailhair_stubble_bald 1, -NIVARO-
Hair: * CAMERON *, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Eternal Eyes – Dark Brown, IKON
Outfit: Col. Mustard, !:Lybra:! ( @ Month of Games)
Shoes: Mens dress shoe bronze, Carrie’s Lingerie ( part of their men’s suits)

Details: Miss White
Skin: [Celestial] Diva Olive, group gift, Al vulo
Hair: Cherry Bomb, Girl Next Door, Clawtooth ( @Hair Fair)
Eyes:Eternal Eyes – Dark Brown, IKON
Outfit: Clue Dress {French Maid}, Zanze ( @ Month of Games)
Shoes: Maggi Heels, lipstick, fri.
Extras: Slink high feet and casual hands


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