Comparing apples with apples – and an orange

Or I could have named it comparing Wowmeh with Physique and my default SL body.

With mesh bodies becoming more prevalent I decided it was time to take another look at the two that I have, I like different aspects of both of these mesh bodies but am not a full time wearer of either. For these photos I used Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim and used the same clothing and poses for each body. I will include details of skin and clothing at the end as per usual.

First up a little information; Wowmeh is currently undergoing a redevelopment and relaunch, as I had bought mine before temporary close down I have been able to access the updater and receive the new model, titled Silhouette.

Both Wowmeh and Physique are fitmesh and work around your own shape, theoretically this means that if you can wear a Standard sizing small with your default body you can wear this size also with the mesh bodies . However the huds which provide the necessary alphas to work with mesh clothing is what makes the difference. Take a look at the comparison shots of these huds below:

collage wowmeh slink huds

It may not be obvious but there is one significant difference in the way these alphas work.  The Wowmeh  alphas are applied to left and right sides together, with the ability to apply alphas to either the front or back, or different parts of the front and back- this is really useful if you have a low back on a dress. The alpha system for the Physique is the opposite you can cover the left and ride sides separately- useful for skirts cut on an angle perhaps, but the front and back are covered together. Both systems allow you to cover piece by piece, the Wowmeh has some very small strips through the mid section , useful for different length tops and waist lines, but also frustrating when sometimes you can not click on just the right piece. Basically there are good and not so good points for both.

I decided to start with a fitmesh dress, one I had picked up from Valentina E, I love this dress and can happily wear it with my own SL shape.

default (non mesh) body,  fitmesh dress
Fitmesh dress with default body

As you can see a perfect fit no parts poking out, no clash with the length of the alpha.

Fitmesh dress with Wowmeh Silhouette v1
Fitmesh dress with Wowmeh Silhouette v1

Again a good fit no clashes or issues, the back of this dress is gorgeous and low cut with a cross back detail, which becomes a problem for the Physique alpha system.

Fitmesh dress with Physique
Fitmesh dress with Physique

Now we have a problem on the left hand side you will see an area of skin showing through,at breast level. There is an alpha I could activate to cover this area better, but take a look at what happens on the reverse side.

Fitmesh dress with Physique, rear view
Fitmesh dress with Physique, rear view

Now this isn’t an issue with all dresses, but it has a potential to cause difficulty when you are wearing mesh that has a different length or different neckline from front to back.

I do have other mesh and fitmesh clothing that I can wear with either and both bodies with no difficulty at all. Plus there is also a growing number of clothing designers releasing applier clothing for either or both of these mesh bodies.

For the next set of photos I picked out some lingerie in my inventory that came with appliers for both, what a bonus!

collage wowmeh slink comparison I will add these pictures to my flicker [] tomorrow so you can see them slightly larger but it gives you an idea of how different these bodies look. Remember I am wearing each mesh body with the same shape as I wear normally. The Wowmeh body comes with 2 versions , insize and outsize, the second has a lush fullness to thighs and breasts but this will reduce clothing options as they are not likely to work with standard sizing mesh clothes. The Wowmeh body comes with its own feet and hands and I am wearing them in the above photos, though if you have already invested in Slink feet you may want to continue wearing your own.. or maybe not I will show you why down below. The advantage the Slink feet have is that a huge number of designers have been able to access the base , or templates, to create and release compatible shoes. Other than that the difference between the Wowmeh hands/ feet and those of Slink comes down to a question of personal taste, I personally prefer those of Slink. An interesting point with the Wowmeh feet and hads which is obvious in the above comparison is that they come in one size, I assume as fitmesh they also adjust to your own shape so were I to wear them I would be adjusting the feet to be a little larger- especially if I was wearing the outsize version.

So I tried out my Slink feet with the Wowmeh and the Slink bodies, of course we would expect to find a more compatible fit with products made by the same creator. Now I have done no post editing other than cropping, so the lines you see on all of these photos are as shown, playing with windlight I could have eliminated these but I wanted to stay consistent across all photos. So you will see there is a difference for both when it moves down to the stocking applier. Also to be aware of is a size difference. My default SL body wears a M or S standard sizing and I prefer to wear a M for my Slink hands and feet. When wearing the Wowmeh I found the hands looked best when XS or XXS and the feet were best as XS, for wearing with Physique the recommended is XS.  But anyway back to my Slink feet since I am such an addict to my Slink compatible shoes I would not be ready to give up these, so take a look at the comparison shot below.

Left, Wowmeh body with Slink feet XS  Right Physique body with Slink feet XS
Left, Wowmeh body with Slink feet XS
Right Physique body with Slink feet XS


As you can see the join is not something that you could easily hide or ignore, remember I have done no fancy lighting or editing in these pictures as I preferred to give as true a comparison as I could based on my computer graphics etc. I endeavored to get the the photos as identical as possible but will not claim that they are 100% identical but the shadows will give you some indication when the picture may have been taken at a significantly different angle.

So for those of you who are interested in mesh bodies for your avatar I hope this has been a helpful comparison. I know there are other bodies available and there is likely to be more. However my money is not endless so I am not likely to be investing in any additional examples. I do like what these two creators have achieved and am excited to see the future updates. My advice with any avatar enhancement like these mesh bodies is to demo , always demo and experiment with wearing the clothing you have unless you are prepared to throw out everything and start over, you really want to make sure that the body you buy suits you, your needs and your wardrobe.

Skin: Calla (Brows2) brown Mixedtype, DeeTaleZ
Hair: JERRY hair – IrishRed, [LeLutka]
Eyes:Eternal Eyes – Feldgrau, IKON
Lingerie: A Sexy Little things white, includes appliers for Wowmeh and Physique, Avanti ( purchased on MP
Dress: Harper Halter Dress w/Belt Texture Change hud, Valententina E
Mesh Body types:  Wowmeh Silhouette v 1- currently only available to those who have already purchased Wowmeh, insize and outsize included in same pack
Slink Physique
Extras: Slink high feet and casual hands
Poses: Alea 01, Eternal Dreams

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