The final day to make a move

N1CO  ice queen

Well the last day of July has arrived and with it sees the final hours of the Month of Games, what a wonderful event it has been. With exclusive designs, parties and fantastic shows it has been a non-stop ride of fun. I decided I wanted to do one last post and found I had this gown tucked away. Slipping it on I thought ” oh what a pretty ballgown”, then I thought “oooh there’s a hud in here”.

collage Ice Queen gown

Yes that is the same gown! The hud has 15 different choices of colour but that’s just the beginning of the fun. The first button lets you colour the whole gown one colour- nice but if you want something a little different then you can experiment with different colours on different parts. The bodice, top part of the skirt, each flounce and the hem/underskirt are all selectable for re-colouring, giving you a huge array of options for creating a different coloured gown every time you wear it.

If you have time you can head over to the Month of Games for one last visit , you will find this gown in the Candyland themed area. But I suggest you race around all three areas, they are not large but they have lots of great items to check out. By going to all three game themed areas ( Chess, Candyland and Clue) you can pick up all three of the following nail packs by {ZOZ}.

collage zoz nails MOG

While there has been a growing number of nail huds being released for adding different polishes to Slink nails ( either the add-on nails for default hands, or more commonly the hands and feet) Zoz has not limited herself. Yes she has released huds to be used in this manner but she also has gone a new path by releasing her own set of mesh nails, check out the length ! These are designed to be worn with specific Slink hands- casual, elegant, elegant 1, you can however mod them to wear with other mesh hands. There is a notecard with all of the information you need to know about suggested hand size, and a reminder to use the utilities hud in your Slink hands pack to hide the original nails to improve the way your new super {ZOZ} nails sit. As well as the addition of being able to have different length nails ( in these sets I’m pretty sure they’re longer than the standard Slink nails) but Zoz has added little themed emblems too.

Before I finish up my post I want to take a moment to acknowledge the organizers, creative forces, sim builders, models, and of course the wonderful designers who have all come together to create a unique and fun event. I would like to thank the designers for sharing their items with the bloggers, I have enjoyed discovering some new to me designers through this event and have some new LMs to main stores to follow up. It has been a real pleasure to blog items from this event and to see the wonderfully creative works of other bloggers.

Anyway time to stop chatting and let you get your final shopping spree at the Month of Games. Grab the SLurl below the details.

Skin: Sora <Alabaster> – Lt. Smoke, Pink Fuel
Hair: Silverblade Hair – female – Fall, ~Tableau Vivant~
Eyes: Kaleido Eyes – Night, IKON
Gown: Ice Queen Gown, N1CO ( @ Month of Games)
Accessories: Valkiria Goddess Crown [Silver Rare], -UtopiaH- ( past gacha event item)
Extras: Slink Physique body
Slink casual hands and high feet
Black Queen Silver Hand Wrap and mesh nails, Sweet Candy mesh nails and Who mesh nails {ZOZ}, ( @ Month of Games)
Poses: White, *PosESioN*

SLurl to Month of Games : – closes 31st July!!



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