Can you spare a little love?

Bilo for Ulaa

The saying Charity begins at home is one much spread around the world, this time it would be more appropriate to say Charity helps you get home. This soon to open event is a short and sweet one, short because it has been organised in a really short period of time and sweet because it seeks to help someone in need. Ulaa Coronet ( SL name) is a long time SL resident, and like me you may not have heard of her before now. But the situation is one that can resonate with us all. Her story in a nutshell is she lives on one side of USA and her terminally ill mother lives on the other, Ulaa has day to day challenges which she meets head on but this one is a larger challenge and she needs some help. It is important to note that this charity event is not being organized by her, she has been working to gather the funds needed for herself and her child ( who has never met their grandmother) to travel to see her as soon as possible, or in other words before it’s too late. More information is available on these links:    and .

But one resident with the support of a small collection of designers has decided they want to do something to show their support in this trying time for Ulaa and her family. So the ❤ Ulaa Event is planned and is almost ready to open.

_3 Ulaa logoI slipped over to the event site moments ago and found some wonderful examples to show you and encourage you to see if you can spare some time and lindens to shop in support of Ulaa. It is worth noting that it is not too late for designers to get involved there is still space available and there is no requirement that the item/s be new, you can pick a quality favourite and make that available for selling to raise money. If you , or someone you know is interested in supporting this cause as a designer don’t delay, please get in contact with Tracy Rubble ( ❤ Ulaa Event organiser).

Time for a few more pictures, then details are coming your way.

Enfant Terrible <3 Ulaa sandals

La Boheme polish <3 Ulaa Event

As you can see there’s already a range of different items: clothing, accessories, shoes, polish huds for Slink hands/feet, furniture, cute cuddly toys, poses are all represented.. but as I mentioned there’s still room for more if anyone wants to contribute items.

Skin: {Linka} TDRF *dark01* brown, Essences
Hair: Sayaingen (Brunette), Discord Designs
Eyes: Promise Eyes, Mahogany, IKON
Dress: Rajni , Sage, Bilo ( Coming soon- ❤ Ulaa event)
Shoes: ❤ Ulaa heels, .Enfant Terrible. ( Coming soon- ❤ Ulaa event)
Extras: Slink high feet and casual hands with Mehndi Ombre Silver polish, La Boheme ( Coming soon- ❤ Ulaa event)
Background: from Arabian Nights Pack 1, KaTink


NB Now that the ❤ Ulaa event is open I will add the SLurl –


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