Renegade mermaid

renegade mermaid

Why would a mermaid come ashore, give up her ability to swim amongst her kin ? Why true love of course ..

Taylor, Renegade shoes

and with the range of sexy shoes at Renegade Shoes you would be forgiven for falling in love at first sight. Or maybe someone else will as they catch a glimpse of you in these skyscraper high stilettos that are made to be noticed.

Taylor, blue

But just remember if you try to get between any maid.. mer or otherwise.. and her new shoes you could be in for war.


So to avoid bloodshed in the bay or anywhere else you care to tread I suggest you head along to Renegade Shoes and snatch up a pair or more for yourself. While you are there hit the MM board and let’s see if we can get a free pair of shoes for our Slink high feet YAY- no group needed .

MM board at Renegade

Skin: water, Imagine Skins and Fashion ( I picked this up at an event- packed with appliers )
Hair: Longfall Hair (impl) – Pastels, ~Tableau Vivant~ ( past gacha event item)
Eyes: Immortal Eyes – Sage , IKON ( current group gift)
Accessories: NagaTrident **OCEAN NAVIGATOR**!deviousMind ( past gacha event item)
Lamia – Naga JewelCollar **ALL COLORS** !deviousMind ( past gacha event item)
Lamia – Naga JewelTiara **ALL COLORS** !deviousMind ( past gacha event item)
Clothing: Blue & Silver Skeleton Mermaid Bra, Pure Poison ( @ FGC)
Mermaid Leggings, VaLynch
Shoes: Taylor – Dark Blue, [Renegade]
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet with [PANNA] polish from *pulcino*
Poses: Abbysm , *PosESioN*( donated by *PosESioN* when they sponsored the Mermaid Dreams show produced by Ever Dream Agency)
nymph for c88 birthday, (marukin)( @ current C88)



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