I never meant to start a war

Forgive me

Photo 3 in my fantasy photo-story

And now some details

Fantasy Gacha carnival items 2

Darius wears the same Belleza skin as before but swapped his clothes to show off a few more items you can pick up at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The end of the month draws close but you have a little more time to sneak over and play the machines a few more times while they’re all in one location still. I should mention that his boots are from a gacha machine but not from FGC , check details below to find out where you can pick up these boots, available for female or male.


" Dominatrix " leather gown, Maai

I love the texture of this classic black gown, the leather is so tightly fitted that it causes wrinkles in the gown. The lines are softened by flowing fabric add-ons that move as you move, you can pick up this gown from the Dominatrix range by heading into the Maai mainstore and going to the second floor for leather and latex gowns. Definitely something to check out next time you are looking for a formal gown that makes a statement.


NSP FLorals & Zuri Rayna.. dramatic black and red

My beautiful Belleza skin comes with this gorgeous dark red lipstick which was the perfect match for the deeper red rubies of the Isabella jewelry. This gorgeous set is available in several colour choices, I blogged one earlier (https://serenestyle.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/an-unconventional-lady/) , however most colours are available for purchasing as individual pieces. Just remember to wear your group tag and purchase from the vendors on the first floor to get your 25% discount. ( This applies to all single vendors on the first and second floors).

The crowning glory is a beautiful floral headpiece from NSP Florals, you can purchase this at the Seelie Court event. Norena has created a wonderful collection of colours ranging from light to dark, with a gorgeous fall toned one available too. I will definitely be blogging that one soon.


Laced stilettos, Carrie's Lingerie

Now I know with a floor length gown shoes aren’t always noticeable, but when you wearing the perfect.. omg drop dead sexy shoes, just like these ones, you really want to show them off. These super high laced stilettos for wearing with Slink high feet are available at Carrie’s Lingerie, they were recently released to accompany Betsy a lacy and laced lingerie which is to be the focus of my next post. So remember to return to my blog if you want to see the lingerie that just might have been underneath this ensemble.

Before I drop down to the details I want to quickly mention the backdrop for this photo. When I went to explore Seelie Court I noticed there is also a large castle closeby, there are some small stores tucked into rooms and towers but these are separate from the Seelie Court event. As I looked around I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful setting so I cammed around and snapped some shots including one inside a room with stained glass windows and the stone lion on the wall. I decided to use it in my studio allowing me to rezz in the throne and take pictures without disturbing the inhabitants of the castle – I believe it is a RP area.

Skin: Betty DT 1, -Belleza-
Hair: Gloria ~ Ebony, Amacci
Eyes: Perspective Eyes – Grey, IKON
Gown: ” Dominatrix ” leather gown , black ( includes LTA), MAAI  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Banana%20Twist/126/125/103
Jewelry: Isabella- Ruby/Black, pieces available include Choker ( of black leather) bracelets, and earrings , Zuri Rayna Jewelry http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/196/193/25
Floral Crown: Lady Gwynevere (Vampriss), NSP Florals ( @ Seelie Court) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hedwigs%20Hollow/100/97/32
Shoes: Laced Slink High Stiletto Black, Carrie’s Lingerie http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carries%20Dreams/83/129/22
Extras: Slink high feet and casual hands with Tiffany Velvet Polish , {ZOZ}
Furniture: Viking Throne, BananaN ( @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acerbus%20Silva/83/185/52

Skin: Ewan v2 Deep Tan 4-E , -Belleza-
Hair: Thor ~ Dark Brown, Amacci
Eyes: Eternal Eyes – Dark Brown , IKON
Clothing: Beserk Chest Harness, Steel/Brown -BBOX, [The Forge] ( @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Shitabaki (Pants) Male – Taupe , !APHORISM! ( @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Boots: Walter Boots M ,Sand, Stitched ( in store gacha)



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