War..what is it good for?

The next in my Photo story is a series of photos, I will put the details underneath each photo. My apologies I didn’t get this out sooner as I believe the FGC has finished, but often the gacha machines do turn up at the mainstores.. plus you can always check out the yardsales.


The warriors begin to gather like clouds on the horizon at the onset of a storm.

First the fighters of the land, those chosen to represent human kind in this dispute over the right to woo the maiden of magical origins.



Skin: Jacob Deep Tan Group Gift Hair, -Belleza-
Hair: * TORUNN* hair , chocolate, .:EMO-tions.. ( August FGC)
Eyes:Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Antique, IKON
Clothing: Brayden pants , Brown, Stitched
Accessory: * TORUNN * bracers, .:EMO-tions.. ( August FGC)
Viking Double Belt ~BROWN~ by Caverna Obscura ( August FGC)
Takeshi ~ Chestpiece in Tarnished, Zibska ( August FGC)
Blubeard Sword (Wear/Add Me), Kalopsia ( Enchanted prize choice)
Shoes: Male Gladiator Boot, Linden library



Skin: Aria, Asia, combination 12 D, -Glam Affair – ( past gacha event item)
Hair: Freya, /Wasabi Pills/ (@ Uber)
Eyes: Lucid eyes, Black, IKON
Clothing: YuanWu Warrior Armour Gold, *Cila*- RARE ( August FGC)
Accessories: Empress Upper arm and thighs and Hairpins( RARE), [Tia]( August FGC)
Talon Staff , OnALark ( RARE also includes a ring)( August FGC)
Shoes: Gladia Sandlas – Gold, Pure Poison
Extras: Slink flat feet and casual hands



Skin: Artemis – Jamaica – TheLastDays 01 D, -Glam Affair – ( @ Uber)
Hair: Rogue, TRUTH ( @ Uber)
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Arabian Blue, IKON
Clothing:Gladiator.Dress – Brown, -Pixicat- ( August C88)
Lotus Pauldron ~ Copper/Copper, OnALark ( August FGC)
Shoes: Gladiator.Shoes – Brown , -Pixicat- ( August C88)
Extras: Slink mid feet and casual hands
Pose + prop: The Shield Maiden # 2 , Rack Poses ( August FGC)


Now the fantasy folk, the elves, wood spirits and fae who unite their forces in their refusal to acknowledge the human man into their realm and into one of the royal families.


weaving magic in the air

Skin: Sora, Alabaster, Pink Fuel
Hair: Femke, Ombres pastel, MINA ( @ TDR Fusion)
Eyes: Spectral eyes, Darkstar, IKON
Clothing: Valkiria Top & Skirt, Purple, Luas ( past gacha event item- unsure if from August FGC)
Viking Stockings Purple, .Things. ( August FGC)
Accessories: Azarelle Pearl, Flexi wings, Fancy Fairy Wings and Fashions
Sadhana, Upper arms, .aisling. ( August FGC)
Extras: Slink Physique 1.4
Slink high feet and casual hands


Arrows from the trees

Skin: Thomas V2 SK 2 (Bald)(chest hair), -Belleza-
Hair: * TYLER *, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Moor, IKON
Clothing: Tyrell Tunic, *LE* ( past gacha event item)
Big Cape_Green 2, Peqe ( August FGC)
Exiled Adventurer Tunic Set_Pants, from a set by The White Armory
Accessories: TalTECH Range Bow & Quiver
Shoes: Medieval Shoe, ~DARK~ [rigged mesh] by Caverna Obscura ( August FGC)


Head sorceress

Skin: Cassia – Tropic – 01 F, -Glam Affair –
Hair: NATSUME – Chocolate, *ARGRACE*
Eyes: Ascension Eyes – Scoria, IKON
Clothing: ShibariDress **OLIVE DRAGON**, !dM Sakura ( August FGC)
Accessories: Iballa Headpiece, bracer and pauldron- common set, Luas ( past gacha event item- unsure if from August FGC)
Elemental Staff!, AMU ( MP)
Shoes: Lotus Sandal ~ Gold/Silver, On A Lark ( August FGC)
Extras: Slink flat feet and casual hands


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