Violent about violet … or passionate about purple?

passionate purple

I am violently passionate about both! Whether it is violet, lilac, mauve, lavender, amethyst,berry, grape, fuschia, orchid, heather, magenta or plain old purple I have yet to see a shade I do not like. I used a very intense windlight above so shot the rest of the pictures using [AnaLu] Neutral, a more subdued lighting to show the colours more accurately to in world.


I absolutely adore this luxurious boudoir chair I picked up from 22769 Bauwerk, it is available in a range of colours but how could I resist such a decadent regal purple. Packed with poses this is a great buy. When my delivery failed I sent a notecard and the next day returned to the store, by chance the owner was on and when I resent the notecard he promptly re-sent the item. He explained the redelivery terminals are currently down and apologized. I really appreciate service like this, I know I will be back in his store shopping again soon- there was an amazing array of props, furniture even buildings.


Rose Shoes, Enfant Terrible @ Arcade

The start of September so the arrival of the new round of The Arcade. My dainty gold and rose shoes are from the Enfant Terrible gacha and they’re not even the rare! Also from this round of The Arcade are my hair and skin, though I will drop in a few close ups so you can see them better- with and without the makeup layer I added to enhance my purpleness.

passionate about purple

I must confess I went kind of crazy over the Glam Affair gachas, there are two different machines  the skins are labelled Skye I and Skye II. With different skin tones , makeups and rares. If you can get a hold of the demos beforehand it does make it easier to know whether you have got one you will like or want to keep trying your luck at the machines. I got my demos via the Glam Affair group.

without makeup

Speaking of groups with joining, if you can (or even via an alt which I did) join The Arcade group so that you can get the pre-loader hud, SLurls and a full body alpha. The package is transfer so you could also beg a friend for a copy of theirs .

If you haven’t managed to get in  to The Arcade yet don’t worry we have the whole month ahead of us, it’s also worth checking out a few Yardsales, as people are starting to get their spares out for sale. I recommend the following one and don’t be put off by the name , the arrangement is great well labelled and free to rezz a few of your spares to sell on.. donations welcome of course.

Skin: Skye II – Jamaica 01 NB, -Glam Affair – ( includes tintable brows)- @ The Arcade
Hair: Writer Hair – Braid – Rainbow, ~Tableau Vivant~
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Darkstar , IKON
Lingerie: Delicate Lingerie, purple ( includes system and multi hud applier) Lumae
Jewelry: Knotted Pearl Necklace and Choker, Rose, Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Makeup: Dark Purple Dollipop [makeover], [mock]
Shoes: Rose shoe, .Enfant Terrible.
Extras: Slink Physique 1.4
Slink mid feet and elegant hands with Magenta Purple polish from {ZOZ}
Windlight, AnaLu neutral
Furniture: Boudoir chair purple. 22769 [bauwerk]
Maison Drapes ( long), { what next}



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