Tune up your body

Pit babe

A few of my friends have been asking about the Venus (Belleza mesh body), in particular about how you can dress it since we are not seeing clothing released specifically for wearing with it. First off I will mention that all of these pictures were taken using Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim windlight and that no editting or additional lighting was used. I cropped and resized these pictures only.

Venus and included lingerie

When you get the Belleza body you are given 3 sets of lingerie, I’m wearing the nude version above, plus two pairs of shoes – vital if you had previously been wearing the Slink feet and on making the changeover found you wanted to wear the full Belleza body . I am excited by the amount of designers already releasing shoes that include a pair for wearing with Belleza feet along with the Slink compatible variations.. so YAY designers.

But back to dressing- first up you have the choice of wearing mesh clothing. As with all mesh clothing it is important to try demos before buying, this is even more important as you can’t use the alpha included with the clothing.


Sometimes you can wear the clothing without worrying about needing an alpha at all, with this dress from tulip I slightly reduced the size of my breast ( -2 on the slider) and a great fit with no nip slip in sight.

Rona dress, LpD

Other times you will need to select sections on the alpha hud to hide, above you can see by the stars I hid my nipple area as well as most of my groin area, in this pose especially my hip and butt were poking through the dress. You do have the option to hide front or back or both .

Canibelle lingerie

Next up is applier clothing. This is when things get a little more complicated, but once you have done the process once or twice you will find it simple.

  • First of all at this time you need to be looking out for clothing that includes Omega appliers, you will probably find these are included in a lot of packs that have applier options.
  • Next you will need to buy the Omega System Relay Hud for Belleza, this item is from LoveNLust and is available on MP for 99L.
  • Wear the OSR ( Omega System Relay) hud and then add the Omega applier that came in the clothing pack.
  • I usually still have my Belleza hud on at this stage so I can experiment with which layer I want to apply clothing to. In the picture above the stars indicate I have selected the underwear layer on the Cannibelle lingerie Omega hud, and clicked the Underwear layers on the Belleza hud ( now showing as ON).
  • Sometimes it does take a moment to change , especially with lag.

Add some jeans

Ok I am not going to a lingerie party so time to add other clothing, I have some Omega applier jeans from Larry Jeans so on went the applier and I clicked onΒ  the clothing layer lower body option on the Belleza hud. You do not have to keep your lingerie layer on unless you wish to, you may even choose to wear you jeans on the underwear layer ( provided the clothing applier has that option).

The important things to remember :

  • Make sure you are wearing the OSR hud before adding your clothing applier.
  • Experiment with which clothing layer you want to wear by selecting them on the Belleza hud.

Fully dressed

I added a cute top I found on marketplace from AJ Creations again by using only an applier I added it to the uppoer body part of the clothing layer, I also chose to remove my bra ( by turning off the upper underwear layer) to eliminate those straps showing.

At this point I can remove both the Belleza hud and the OSR hud and I am ready to go! As an extra comment after speaking with my friend Vicky and her comment of tping in and your mesh body not rezzing, if you are concerned about your alpha not working either and everyone seeing you naked, your best option would be to slip on a simple outfit underneath your mesh body- a bodysuit or bikini would be perfect.

I really hope this has helped answer some of the questions people were having about the Omega system. Here is a link to the Marketplace for the OSR hud https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/OMEGA-System-Kit-for-Belleza/6412085. If you have more questions, feel free to leave a message in the comments or IM me in world and I will see if I can help πŸ™‚

Skin: Grace C88 Med 2 Br, -Belleza-
Hair: Posy, TRUTH
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Iron , IKON
Extras: Venus, -Belleza-
Omega System Kit for Belleza, LoveNLust
Clothing: Geo Cut Dress , – Blush, tulip
Rona dress sand, LPD
Sandrine Lingerie- black, Cannibelle , includes Omega appliers ( @ The Theme Park)
Rita red top, using included Omega appliers AJ Creation ( on MP)
Denim v- cut pack,Larry Jeans- includes Omega appliers
Costume Pit Babe ( 8 colors), ALESSANDRA ( on MP)- includes Omega appliers
Poses: 1st picture- Pit Queen, {NanTra}( @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
all others- Rosie’s Secret, {NanTra} PS there’s a 50% off fatpacks sale in store atm to celebrate 1st Anniversary of this store !


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