A fiery finale

Fiery finale

With a final firey flourish the festival and faire of the Mystical Realms is drawing to a close. The portal joining the mystical and magical realm with that of the everyday world fades away, severing the connection for another year. Though we farewell this opportunity to see the creations of so many designers in one location we do not need to sink into despair, as it is rumored that from the ashes shall rise the wondrous sights that we beheld .. though this time they can be found at the home stores of their talented creators.

I am sorry to see the end of the Mystic Realms Faire, and sorrier even more that I did not accomplish my self set goal of posting about all of the wonderful items shared by the designers who sent their items to me. But my passion for fantasy has not ended just because this event ends tonight, so I shall continue on with my posts. However I will not include the MRF SLurls but recommend you check out the stores to see when they release their items.

Lumae skin + Stringer Mausoleum


Skin: Fable : Earth / Bare + Eyeliner (Dark Brow), Lumae
Hair: Seagrass – Rust Garden, The Stringer Mausoleum – also includes petite size ( Lucky board prize) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aurora%20Vale/51/183/1017
Accessories: Possessed Horns – Common 1 – Blood, The Stringer Mausoleum ( gacha item @ The Witching Hour event) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/bono/90/52/1003
Eyes: Ascension Eyes – Scoria , IKON
Clothing: Ardent Mage: Phoenix , [Gauze]
Shoes: Blair Sandals / HIGH / Poppy (G), ESQ.
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Pose and prop: At the cauldron , Picture This!
Decor: Isidoros Crepidoma ( materials), Frogstar
Scrub Oaks Double Trunk, meadowWorks

At the cauldron  , Picture This!


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