Not a new addiction

Opium lingerie, MAAI

I love lingerie, I have an immense lingerie collection in SL and still I want more! Is this an addiction? Maybe , but I don’t see who it’s hurting so bring it on!

MAAI+ EMOtions+ BehaviorBody

MAAI has been releasing a range of clothing that is compatible with a lot of different mesh bodies. It is fantastic to see that this includes lingerie as well as gowns and other garments. For example the Opium lingerie I am wearing includes: layer system lingerie,a slink stocking applier, the Omega applier ( top and bottom layers separately so you can choose whether you wear the stockings or not) , options for lingerie and stockings separately for the Mesh Project body ( NB this system does not work for the FREE body), appliers for the Physique body( again lingerie and stockings separate).

Opium lingerie, MAAI worn with Slink Physique

Skin: Skin Erin Pale Pearl Brunette , *League*
Hair: * MONA *, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Destiny Eyes – Hazel, IKON
Lingerie: Opium, red, MAAI includes
Shoes: puff.mule.cream, ieQED
Extras: Slink Physique 1.4
Slink casual hands and mid feet
Furniture: Chaise Lounge, nude set, Behavior Body ( was available at past TDR round)


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