Rainy days and a Sad November

sad november

Sad November is an event that opened at .. well the beginning of November and I am sad to say it is almost over. I went and I shopped and tried my luck on a few gacha machines – winning this great trenchcoat. And although this post features several items from the Sad November event I actually want to talk a bit about another event, one that opens next month.

SoS is a gacha event with a difference. This is being organised to support an organisation within SL that is a wonderful resource which more people need to know about so I want to try and help spread the word. So I went to the sim of SoS it see what it was about, and how we can all help each other out.  Survivors of Suicide is what the initials stand for but this place is so much more, it’s like a friendly drop in centre .

SoS arrival area

Wearing a warm outfit from [Sakide] ( available @ Sad November) I arrived into a an open grassy courtyard with low tables inviting small groups to sit and relax. Off this is several rooms including one packed with games for people to enjoy together.

But what really makes this place special is the ease of getting information, this display wall covers a range of topics to do with coping with depression and suicide. This is often a sensitive issue and one not talked about openly, but a lot of us have either dealt with it ourselves or have someone close to us who has. Depression ranges hugely and there is no ‘one method that fits all’ way to help, so this centre provides a few different ways. You can touch a board and take away a notecard  with information , you can mingle and make friends, or you can touch a message board to talk to someone. There is also an inworld group you can join to connect with others. So if you are ever curious or wanting some support to deal with or talk over issues this is one place that you should keep in mind. SLurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schoomere/168/27/23

Now to the event – in December there is planned an event also titled SoS. Here is a link to the main web page about this event , and group : http://liveyourfantasy.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/uptodate-das-magazin-christmas-gacha-yard-sale-for-sos/. Because SoS has a solid in world base in SL it is well established but not necessarily well known, so the event has a two-fold purpose, to raise awareness, and to just give a helping hand in meeting the costs involved in keeping this place open.

SoS - support and information

So how can we help? Well if like me you are a gacha shopper, you probably have some spares, doubles, unopened items that are sitting tucked away. Rather than leave them there unused and unloved how about donating them to charity? Over the month of November you can send any unwanted gacha items to UpToDateMagazine Resident, this avatar is designated  for the purpose of keeping account of the donations received. The best way if you have more than 1 is to box them up, drag the items in and label the box ” SoS donation items- add your name” so in my inventory I have SoS donation items- Serenity Couerblanc and every couple days I spend some time sorting more items to go into it. Yes there is that many unopened gacha items in my inventory.

If you can do this and then drop them to UpToDateMagazine Resident before the end of November then you will be supporting a worthwhile cause. Another way will be shopping at the event once it opens, more details about the when and where as the time nears.

Before I finish up I want to share a couple of photos of this lovely skin I have been wearing, Yoo  which is the new release from Yoon Beauty.

Argrace hair+ Yoon Beauty

Rainy photos taken at Rainy City – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Our%20Dreams/194/113/3002

Now a quick drop in note about a hair sale, head over to  Soonsiki ( previously known as Milk) to grab packs of hair for 80L. I don’t know when this ends but it’s a great opportunity while it lasts, SLurl will be in the details.

Sooniski hair sale

Details: Outfit 1
Skin: :: Yoo :: PALE Natural, [ YOON BEAUTY ] http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pluto/71/31/1402
Hair: NATSUME – Classy Brown, *ARGRACE*
Eyes: :: Toki~ Grey Ghost Eye,
Makeup:Tears – Light Mascara, {Isis}, {S0NG}
Clothing: November Rain Trenchcoat RARE – Soot* , Neverwood ( @ Sad November) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Taj%20Mahal/23/87/41
Boots: Wedge Rain Boots – Yellow , Garbaggio  ( @ Sad November)
Extras: Slink casual hands with Milky polish from Fishy Strawberry

Details: Outfit 2
Skin: :: Yoo :: PALE Natural, [ YOON BEAUTY ]
Hair: Love notes, *Milk* http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pink%20Ambition/151/133/6
Eyes: :: Gloom~ Coal Eye, {S0NG}
Clothing: Wool Blend Dress Brown with coral undersweater ( 2 colours with each pack plus short or long sleeve options), [Sakide] ( @ Sad November)
Boots: Laced Lavie Boot- (Cognac), REIGN
Extras: Slink casual hands with Milky polish from Fishy Strawberry

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