The call of the wild

call of the wild

Do you hear the call of the wild? The faint whisper on the breeze or a low resounding echo that seems to shake you to the core. The steady beating of a deep sounding drum building to a rising crescendo , a cacophony of noise filling your body with the pounding rhythm . Your body moves without thought your feet sliding over familiar and unfamiliar terrain without hesitation as the music draws you onwards, pulls you, tugs at you, swirls around you lifting you up raising you up as if you could fly. The never ending melody invigorates and enthralls you, tantalizing hints of what is out there, it feels so close yet just beyond your reach. But fear not the time approaches when you can step beyond the limits of now- step out into the wild!

Feathered Bird Skull (Natural) by Chimeric Fashions

But what is coming you may ask? Well only one of the most exciting events of the year The Jewelry & Accessory Expo. From December 5th-13th with an exciting African theme taking us out into the heat of this exciting continent with influences in colour and patterns setting the scene for an exotic getaway , especially welcome for those who look outside their windows and see snow already!

Siren Productions along with  AIM, Cultured the Magazine, DesigningSL, ModeLS Magazine, Penumbra,  SL Live Radio, and VERSUS Magazine are your hosts with over 60 fabulous designers of Jewelry, Shoes, Purses, Hats, Belts, Make-up, Headbands, Body Jewelry, and moreJewelry & Accessory Expos 2014 Dec. 5th-13th, 2014.

For more information about the exciting shows and events planned , grab the link here :

I am very excited to see what the designers are releasing and hope to bring you some of the creations of new to me designers as well as ones that grace my pages frequently.

I want to share one more photo from my fun shoot this morning, and although none of these items will be featured at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo, I will let you know that some of the designers behind my items will be – Chimeric Arts Fashions (mask) and Kunglers ( earrings) are on the list of designers [].

On the edge of wild

Skin: Meysha – November Moon (honey) DB CL1, [theSkinnery]
Hair: PAP584 hair black + gathered raised hair base black, .booN.
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Leather, IKON
Clothing: Crow dress , satin red, *May’s Soul*
crow stole black, *May’s Soul* ( past gacha event item)
Accessories: Feathered Bird Skull (Natural), ~Chimeric Fashions~
Medusa earring – TDRF #025 Copper,(Kunglers Extra) ( past TDR)
Lethe necklace – black, lassitude & ennui
the cage, *May’s Soul* ( past gacha event item)
Makeup: the raven facepaint, #adored ( @ Genre)
unseelie queen fades (full), .la petite morte.
Shoes: Nevermore heels (Slink HIGH) – black, lassitude & ennui
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet with BlackGold polish, Ryba Design
Ears, human, [theSkinnery]
Poses : Royal, Lalochezia Poses & Gallimaufry


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