A glimmer of gold

orchids by NSP Florals

Sometimes a glimmer of gold is all that is needed to brighten your day. For me the sight of the lovely orchids from NSP Florals is that gold, I chose a lovely umber tone to enhance the stylish Arabian Princess gown which is on a special sale at Kelini ( more information on that in a moment) first the orchids. These beautiful floral pieces are available at the Vogue Fall Festival ( be sure to grab the SLurl from the details) and are in a range of colours from subtle to vibrantly tropical. As well as the hairpiece included is a long orchid stem with carry animation these are beautifully made and are fantastic replications of a stem of Moth orchids. While you are picking out your favourite colours at the event pick up the special offer of an exotic Leopard tone for a mere 10L.

NSP Orchid Stem & Hair Piece (Wild Leopard)

Now back to the sale at KELINI, this is a limited sale, limited time and limited items on sale. Three dresses to be exact, this lovely textured long gown in a range of jewel tones, and two cocktail length dresses also in a range of bright gorgeous fabrics. The price.. and this will have you racing for a tp.. a mere 100L, but this is only until the 30th November.


For the final touch take a look at those sexy shoes just showing underneath my gown, though not gold ( that colour is available though) they have a gorgeous gleam and sexy shape that is undeniable an ieQED shoe. <3. You can find these in a range of metallic tones at Kustom9 which is where I picked up my skin from Glam Affair.


Skin: Angelica V2 – Jamaica 02 D, -Glam Affair – ( @ Kustom9) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mingle/125/75/26
Hair: * MARESOL*/goldenbrown, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Silverleaf, IKON
Accessory: Orchid Ivy Hair Piece (Golden Umber), NSP Florals (@ Vogue Fall Festival) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Palm%20Beach%20Isle/118/211/416
Clothing: Arabian Princess , terra cota, KELINI ( special sale item) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20District%20Hotel/219/224/23
Shoes: siren.pump.copper., ieQED ( @ Kustom9)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Poses : by Eternal Dreams


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