My name is Ela

Ela. EMOtions

Ela! Not Cinders, not Hey you, not Serving girl and most definitely not Cinderella. I may be hanging out in a dungeon for now but I won’t be here for long I promise you that!

EMO-tions + Senzafine

You tricked me into coming here because I believed my family to be in danger, but now I have found out they were already dead there is nothing keeping me here. Sometime soon the idiot you left guarding me will be distracted, I am not without a few tricks of my own.

weapon by dM @ FGC

Then I will be out of here and it’s really important that you remember my name is Ela so that you can scream it loud in frustration when you see the destruction I have left in my wake.

Skin: Calaerneth /redB, !Imabee ( @ We ❤ RP)
Hair: * ELA * , .:EMO-tions.
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Silverleaf, IKON
Clothing: “Celestine” Gown – Copper, Senzafine ( @The Fantasy Collective)
Accessories: * INDRA* black, .:EMO-tions.
Norath “Bezerker’s Axe of Two Blades”. !dM ( @ FGC)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Decor:Barrel with water, Bucket with Metal ( both commons @ FGC), 22769~ [bauwerk] ( @ FGC)
Poses: by Poet’s Heart


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