Golden Radience

Carrie's Lingerie- Radience in gold

Continuing on with the special Christmas releases from Carries Lingerie is getting challenging .. mainly because I want them all! This gorgeous gown/lingerie ensemble was the special release several days ago and though I haven’t blogged about it in time for you to grab the first day VIP discount, it is still a set I recommend.  A beautiful gown that combines mesh and flexi ending in a froth of skirts that seem to sparkle with stars.

But that’s not where the sparkles end –

Radience lingerie, Carries

the brief bra and panty set are draped with pearls and this set comes with a pearl tiara and belly chain. The star motif is carried onto this and complemented by a sweep of stars on the included makeup. Also included are LTA for the bra and gown, gloves and stockings ( both with Slink appliers). Not included but available to buy separately are shoes, one style for standard and one for Slink high feet, I chose to buy the Slink ones shown below.

Radience shoes for Slink feet, Carries

Before I drop down to the details I want to share a close up of the gorgeous floral wreath I am wearing in the first photo. It is no surprise that I couldn’t resist adding this beautiful floral piece from NSP Florals, but the surprise is there is a SALE on now. Yes a sale running now until at least next weekend, you will find clear signs showing the significant reductions which you can enjoy, for example the Lady Gwynevere , available in a range of color combinations is available under 100L! This is a great opportunity because the items at NSP Floral are perfect for gift giving, signs clearly show items that are giftable- what a fantastic way to give a personally selected gift for someone you care about this Christmas.

NSP sale

Skin: Sameena – Saffron – Red Brow, Jalwa
Hair: Bonnie II – Fat Pack and Nakita, both by (Milana) – sale unsure when this ends, but check it out as there are some real bargains including a Fatpack for 1L-
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Mahogany , IKON
Makeup: Radience Full Make up Gold, Carrie’s Lingerie
Clothing: Radience ,Gold – includes options for wearing as a gown or lingerie, Carrie’s Lingerie
Shoes: Radience Slink Shoes, Gold, Carrie’s Lingerie
Accessories: Lady Gwynevere (Rivendelle), NSP Florals
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet with Set 20 polish from Flair
Poses: Shades of cool, Lalochezia

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