Post Christmas funk


Christmas is such a special time of year, for those who celebrate it, a time for getting together with loved ones to share food and gifts and make memories of happy times . Not unexpectedly  there is such a big build up for Christmas- are your presents bought? did you find just the right gift for your mother/wife/boyfriend/grandfather etc? did you buy all of the ingredients for your “famous” cheesecake/ pie/ stuffing? have you cleaned the house/guest room/ front doorstep in preparation for visitors? So many lists, so many things we feel we have to do and have to do right. Even though we know at heart its not the things that matter it is the people, the love, the laughter and the sharing of happiness, but still we so often fall into the trap of more , bigger, better.

Then comes the lull after Christmas. In the southern hemisphere where I live it is heading into the hotter part of summer, schools are closed now until February and many shops are closed from the 24th Dec until early January. Not all shops and services are affected of course, but many people take this time off and head away to the beach for a summer holiday until after New Year’s Day. For my family, we almost never went for a summer holiday, so there has always been a big build up to Christmas and then.. a drop.. a ” now what?” feeling.  I feel lazy in both lives lol. I have lots of wonderful group gifts, freebies, sales, new releases I could blog, but every time I log on SL I just feel … unmotivated.

So today I pushed myself to take one simple photo and explain why so many days have passed since my last post- it’s pretty  rare for me to take a break from blogging, and I am sure this ennui won’t last much longer. Meanwhile I had managed to shop a little in SL including the newly released Maitreya mesh body. I will get around to do a few comparative shots with the Slink Physique and Belleza Venus, but for now I think I will stop writing and.. stare at my toes, such cute little Mairteya toes 😛

Other notes: Hair is from DeLa, Skin is Hazel from Skinnery and the cute Christmas themed underwear ( includes Omega appliers) is a gift I picked up at GoDiva.

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