Make yourself at home

Canyon Living room suite, pic 1 , J.L. Designs

I was relaxing at home reading my messages when I received a wonderful opportunity, to blog some furniture. I have blogged about furniture and decor items before but haven’t sought an opportunity to do so regularly, but when I saw the new release from J.L. Designs I realized it was the perfect time for new furniture!

The Canyon Living Room set is fantastic, easy to set up ( no hammers, nails or screwdrivers needed) simply place the rezzer box, touch and hey presto you have a fully decorated suite appear before your eyes. A two seater sofa and single arm chair both come packed with poses for one or a couple, when you purchase you can select either a PG or Adult version and trust me the menus do not disappoint. A huge plus for me was actually something small.. the land impact for the entire set is 52, though you can reduce this if you like by removing a few pieces to suit your needs, more on this in a moment.

Canyon Living room suite pic 2, J.L Designs

But that’s only one feature of this fantastic set, it has a lot more to recommend it, for example the colour change options are numerous. You can select from three different menus for styles of fabric for the suite and each menu has at least 7 options , giving you a different pre-set with coordinating cushions. At a simple touch you can also select different options for the wooden components of this set, and then there is the lovely lush rug to change too if you like with 34 different styles to choose from.

Canyon Living room suite, pic 3, J.L. Designs

The Canyon Living Room set doesn’t just include seating though; also included are two side tables with lamps, a magazine holder beside the armchair, a hallway table with decor and hanging mirror, artwork for the wall and a wonderful coffee table. I loved this living room suite from the start and the coffee table feature is one of the highlights for me, you can choose to leave it bare or click through 9 different arrangements adding a lived in feeling to your room. Another great feature is that once you position your living room set you can remove the rezz box, and then reposition or remove any pieces individually ( though personally I love the complete set so wouldn’t take anything away), I moved a couple pieces around to fit the space I placed this in and then sat back to enjoy the comfort of new furniture.

If you would like a closer look, I recommend you head to the J.L. Designs mainstore:

or you can purchase via Marketplace:


DeeTaleZ skin

I have a small apology to make I was so wrapped up in photographing this set from J.L. Designs that I forgot to record details about what I am wearing in the photos, but really I wasn’t the focus. However my hair is a new release from Argrace, my skin is from DeeTaleZ ( I am wearing skin from this store a lot of the time at the moment), my super cosy sweater is from NiNight Creations and my socks are from Sn@tch.



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