Say it with a smile


Strawberry Singh’s Monday meme challenges are back, beginning with a happy theme, a smile. In SL it can be really hard to achieve a simple smile even with animators and tricks, so I decided to go for a simple smile. The inspiration behind the photo , as originally posted by Strawberry here:, is the yearbook photo. In New Zealand we don’t have individual year book photos, though we do have a book compiling class photos and photos of special events throughout the year. In the last week of the school year ( which for us is in November/ December – depending on exams) the yearbooks are given out and everyone scrawls messages or jokes as a reminder of the fun times you shared that year.

I took a little of my RL to influence my “yearbook photo” I always had a fringe at least partially over my eyes especially in the teen years, we wore uniforms for school but otherwise I chose very neutral/dull clothing – trying to blend into the background maybe? I blushed so easily and didn’t like my dimples so never smiled very large, which worked in perfectly for my SL photo lol. The hint of my teeth ( PXL) was enhanced by a slight tweak of my lip shape, my favourite skin Megan from DeeTalez, is pinked up with a blush layer which was buried deep in my old folders. My pose and blue background is courtesy of the Yearbook prop from oOo Studio. Oops I didn’t make a note of my hair or shirt… I will have to update those details sorry about that.  Anyway like my message says.. “Keep on smiling”



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