My heart belongs to you

Crom and Asset

At the moment my life feels a jumble , for months ( almost a year) I have been dealing with pain and nausea as I try identify and resolve a gastric /digestive issue that has me exhausted. After many tests I am still none the wiser , but the good news all along has been that there has been no clear markers for anything major, like cancer. My health has good days and dips when I feel unable to focus so it is good to remind myself that a lot of people have a lot of health challenges in their lives to overcome. However I was not expecting a reminder to come from so close to home. This time last week I found out my mother has gastric cancer, and it appears to be quite advanced. We find out more information every couple days and meanwhile we try to keep positive and support Mum through this uncertainty.

Poses by Purple Poses

So my blog post today is about some wonderful items I have received through the WLTB group and found at different stores or events around the grid ( more details at the end), but it is also an apology for my sudden erratic posting. I am sure there are many who can relate to the distraction of being unwell or having a loved one unwell. I am going to continue being in SL when I can and blogging the things that bring a smile to me,  as and when I can. Please forgive me if my posts are a little scattered in content and not quite as detailed or bubbling over with my imagination as they would usually be, its not that my heart isn’t in it it’s more that my mind is overfull. Please hang in there with me, knowing that there are people who read to my blog adds to the happiness that I gain from creating these posts about things that I enjoy in SL.


Glam Affair and Asset

I wanted to share this lovely dress from -CroM- for several reasons, one it’s so cute! It has a heart and how perfect in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.. and it’s a hunt prize and will only cost you 5L. See the image below for other prizes and grab the SLurl from the details.


Skin: Ellie America – 02 G, -Glam Affair – ( @ Uber)
Hair: Lamar Hair – Black & Whites, >Asset <
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Apex , IKON
Clothing: Zia Dress – Love , -CroM-
Jewelry: Obnoxious Hoops – Gold, (AMD)
ZMAN watch gold, FINESMITH ( 1 of the current group gifts- free to join group)
Accessories: Retro Bag (incl pose and no pose bag) – Black ,Garbaggio ( @ Trend3)
Shoes: Angel Slink Black, JD ( @ Uber)
Extras: Slink hands and feet with Clara polish from Pathos
Poses: Jane , Purple Poses
Location:  What a wonderful location I will be returning to explore some more!


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