Waiting on you

Maai Oaks, Easton from JL Designs

Hi my friends and followers, thank you for not giving up on my blog. I am still eager to share my passion for SL and all things shopping, RL is still weighing heavily on my mind and time, but I feel more inspired to blog. One of the things I wanted to share was a newly released living room set from JL Designs, the Easton set is a comfy suite packed with options- a variety of seating for singles as well as couples sharing the sofa or single seat. Also included when you rezz out your set are : 2 small side tables with lamps, a coffee table ( packed with decor options), a lovely plant, a gorgeous candle wall feature ( which you can see some of behind me above) and a hallway table with decor items including photo frames that you can add your own photos to ( not shown).  One of the things I love about items from JL Designs is that once you have positioned your set as you want it, you can then remove the rezz box and ” fine tune” your arrangement, want to remove the lamps? easy.. the chair needs to be a little further away? slide it across to where you want it.  Then there are the customization menus ; 27 different fabric styles, 9 wood choices, 27 pillow fabrics choices and 27 rug styles plus the 9 decor options for giving a personalized look for your coffee table.


Oaks lingerie, MAAI @ anyBody

My lingerie is another gorgeous lace number from MAAI, you can pick up the Oaks set in either black, white or nude at the current round of anyBody. If you haven’t yet been to this event and wear a mesh body, I recommend you head to take a look. There is an impressive amount of designers who are regularly releasing new items and this can be a fantastic way to add to your wardrobe or discover a new store to check out. Just remember to take a look at the display board in front of each store as it indicates what applier range is catered for, eg Omega, The Shops (TMP), Slink, Belleza. I used the Omega applier with the LovenLust relay hud with my Maitreya mesh body, with a variety of styles available at a click on the hud , or via system layers for a non mesh body you have a lot of options, see pic below.

MAAI Oaks styles on apps

Now I want to share a little more information about my body, as well as my body being mesh ( Lara from Maitreya) I decided to explore the mesh heads by Fiore. There is a gorgeous newly released one at Cosmetic Fair ( check out this Seraphim link for pictures – http://seraphimsl.com/2015/02/14/cosmetic-fair-is-here/), but I headed to the mainstore and looked at an earlier release Toni. I thought I would never wear a mesh head.. but I also remember saying that about mesh bodies.

Toni mesh head, Fiore

Although I may not be a hundred percent in this mesh head I am enjoying the possibilities. More photos and discussion about the mesh heads from Fiore – I can assure you.



Skin:- see Extras note
Hair: Dakota, Blues ( @ Kustom 9)
Eyes: Hope Eyes (mesh version) – Chocolate, IKON
Lingerie: Oaks , black, MAAI ( @ anyBody) – includes system layers, TMP, Omega and Slink appliers  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/192/128/22
Shoes: HUELVA (for MAITREYA) , .:KC:. – includes shoes for Belleza, Maitreya and SLink
Extras: Soft Mesh Head – Toni SPF25 (blink), .: fiore :.
Maitreya Mesh Body – HUD V2.1 Lara- including hands and feet
Furniture: Easton Living Room set, JL Designs http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noxious/63/203/1700
Skybox: The House of Usher ( past RARE gacha item), 22769 bauwerk
Extra poses : used in second and final photo, from Ma Vie


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