Essence of Emotion



Slipping through

between dark and light,

a tremulous travel

‘midst spikes of harsh reality.

A slow silvered pathway

lit by inner radiance,

a single sphere

poised then plummeting.

A solitary moment,

reflecting the perfection

captive essence of emotion.

Life and light-

fragile, failing, falling

-taut with tension

destruction upon collision.

Reflection dimmed

light fading


Dead Dollz, Plastik, EMO-tions

This little musing is special to me as it is one that came to me in a rather strange way. I do write quite descriptively a lot and at times I find myself unable to sleep until I write down a story that has been developing in my thoughts. But writing of a more poetical leaning with short or concise phrases is not my way, usually. For those who have read my blog over the last few months you will know I have had the difficulty of facing the rapid decline of my mother’s health followed by her death in mid February. Understandably I have been through an emotional whirlpool through this time and feel like I am finally finding my footing again. The other night though, these words came to me, would not leave and let me sleep until I had written them down. That is not particularly unusual but to me this has more of a poetry feel to it than my usual style, this is something that would not come to me usually, for I have always found prose more my style whilst my mother used poetry. I am glad I wrote the words, for they feel a blend of my mother and myself- my drama and her style, so though I woke with tears in my eyes I felt they were a gift rather than a grieving.

Immortalia skin, Plastik @ Skin Fair

This absolutely gorgeous skin is one of the releases at this year’s Skin Fair from Plastik, you have a few more days before the event is over so make the most of it. Plastik has a range of shades I chose a very light tone to show a sense of fragility, also available is a similar line for men, and you will be pleased to know a huge number of appliers are available.

Skin: Immortalia Skin-Femme:// Thana, :[P]: ( @ Skin Fair)
Hair: * BRANDY *, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Wight, IKON
Clothing: Baineth White/S, Dead Dollz
Jewelry: GAIA – Bracers Silver, Hand and Silver, .aisling. ( past gacha item)
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – HUD V2.1 Lara
Poses: Di’s Opera
Furniture: Stone Bench, Kalopsia
Pergolia with drapes, Shutter Field


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