It’s a small world afterall

my own little world with D-Lab

We farewell the March round of The Arcade tonight, and I just had to squeeze in this post because omg how did I miss these?? I shopped at The Arcade quite early on and didn’t go back over the last couple weeks until last night ( my 31st March) after I read Nath Pevensey’s blog : I was so surprised to discover that these little Piccoli are animated to interact with the objects that come in the boxes with them.. but not just the item that they came with. They are from D-Lab and at 100L a pull well worth the time and money to get a few and create your own little world.

collage small world

I decided to rezz mine in part of my living room, and as you can see I rezzed out quite a few during these photos, I did not move them they walked around and did things while I sat and watched. Look at all of the places the little monkey in the pink/purple spotted outfit moved around to.

In each box there is a piece of interactive equipment called an effector, the box they come in is also an effector. Some effectors are also seats for you to sit on. Each box contains one Piccoli which you can rezz, or choose to add ( I wore one on my shoulder for a while and it flew beside me on a little bird), and a hud that allows you to change the look of the clothing they wear.

So if you haven’t grabbed any yet  and need to brighten your SL with a little something , then I suggest you race to The Arcade before it closes, or check out some of the yardsales… these are all mine !

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