Cinderella returns

TWA cinderella gown

An exciting and beautiful new gown from The White Armory. Appropriately named Cinderella’s Ballgown, because honestly how can anyone not feel like a fairytale princess wearing such a gorgeous romantic gown. This gown is the first from TWA that I am aware of that includes the option of an applier to use with the Lara (Maitreya) mesh body so you have the option to wear this gown with a mesh body if you have this one. Otherwise wear the system layer pants, the mesh bodice and add the gorgeous floating layers of skirt.

LeLutka Aria head

The other very new exciting release as been the much talked about mesh heads from LeLutka, three designs: Aria, Ever, and Leda- more information here : .

After demoing all three I decided to buy Aria. An interesting thing about these mesh heads are that they can only be worn WITH a mesh body, in terms of the fit it is designed to be worn with the Maitreya body and is compatible with the Slink Physique, any other body you will need to demo and decide for yourself whether it is a satisfactory match. As with any mesh body item or clothing trying a demo is strongly recommended anyway.

The mesh head comes loaded with Glam Affair skin tones, and the ability to adjust the darkness and shine of both eyeshadow and lipstick. You can tint eyelashes and the hairbase ( or hide them if you prefer). The head doesn’t come with the ability to make expressions, but you can open / close both the mouth and the eyes, you can set the head to blink , or prevent this if you choose to wear another set of eyelashes.


Lelutka mesh head Aria- showing mouth closed and open
Lelutka mesh head Aria- showing mouth closed and open

At the LeLutka store you can pick up a gift from Glam Affair ( it looks like a lipstick on a table near the heads display) which enables you to apply different makeups on the skin layer. There is a selection of these for sale also. However I was excited to hear that designers are already releasing makeups on appliers for using with this head.

Sacha Vixen , owner of Adam n Eve Skins, very generously sent me some samples of her brand new makeup so I raced to take some pictures of these great eyeshadows designed especially for wearing with the LeLutka mesh heads. On the top row of the photo collage below, I am showing the same eye shadow- first is the option of the shadow on its own, beside it is the shadow with eyeliner option. Each color palette has three shades and includes the liner and shadow only for each shade . The lipstick I am wearing is one I picked up at Lelutka from Glam Affair, I just played around with the depth of color to get a light shade of pink. My eyelashes are a gorgeous pair of mesh lashes from Oceane, if you haven’t checked out her range I suggest you do from soft and subtle through to boldly dramatic and artistic – Oceane has created an enormous range.

In the bottom row of the collage I am showing off the FREE wearable sample that you can pick up at Adam n Eve Skins, it includes both the liner and liner free versions so it gives you a good idea of how the shadows look. The last photo I wanted to share was the Aria mesh head with virtually no make up at all, the hud does give you quite a bit of flexibility because of the sliders – I am looking forward to seeing what skin designers are able to release..along with more wonderful makeups like these ones from Adam n Eve Skins.


LeLutka Aria mesh head with makeup by AE (and final photo bare)
LeLutka Aria mesh head with makeup by AE (and final photo bare)


Body: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.0
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0 plus hands
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High
Hair:Insect Religion, MOON  and  Megumu, ARGRACE
Eyes:Promise Eyes – Storm, IKON
Clothing: Cinderella’s Ball Gown Set, Innocence, The White Armory
Jewelry: Ariel-Earrings, Surreal/Umber Opal/Mixed, Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Makeup: Sugar Lips Applier 05,( Lelutka Mesh Heads ) Glam Affair
Eyeshadow Set 3 (Lelutka), AE
Romantic Mesh Lashes, Oceane
Accessories:Amidala – Ornamented LilyFans **SAKURA**, !dM
Shoes: Medusa Shoes Patent White, Similar
Poses: Fatale, Ma Vie


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