FF: The Lost one

When I arrived at the castle I was taken to one of the lesser chambers off the Great Hall, I was not to meet the Queen this day. There were a small man who introduced himself as one of the Adminstrators of the Realm, tasked with minor matters that if unattended cause wider ripples that can cause disaster to befall the realm. Well at least that was how he described his role, he looked like an old librarian but once he held me a scroll bearing the Royal Seal I knew my adventure was truly about to begin. Before I left the castle he pressed a smooth glowing stone into my hand ensuring that this would take me where I needed to go with a mere whisper.

Settling myself in a quiet corner of the Castle courtyard I read the scroll eagerly:

Dearest Adventurer,

I seek your assistance in a matter of great importance to me, but one which must be completed discreetly hence the involvement of my most trusted adviser The Curator of the Realm. This plea for help will see you travel many miles and face occasional perils, but be brave of heart and loyal to the cause for I fear greatly for my own safety should you fail. Keep this scroll with you as it is enchanted and each time you unfurl it the message will be renewed with new information.

the lost

Within the worlds there is someone I wish you to aid, she is no longer a child but not yet an adult . Her heart cries out with grief yet her eyes remain dry . Her mother has passed onto the next world and this young one feels lost at heart. The color has faded from her world and she becomes more distant , more lost with every day. Please find her we need her .. more than you can imagine.

The Queen’s personal stamp stood strong against the pale parchment, I ran my finger over the purple stain . I peered closer at the picture within the letter, wondering how I could possibly find her let alone help her when I could barely see her face. Before my eyes the image vanished and a new one appeared

First we find her

But now what, now where.. “What now?” I murmured softly. The stone felt warm in my hand I looked at it and noticed the light beginning to pulse and change color.. a portal suddenly appeared in front of me. Not knowing what was ahead of me only knowing that I must step through, must take action to aid the Queen- I stepped into the shimmering grey light and vanished.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the next installment of my Fairelands tale, the next “chapter” will be photographed on site at The Fantasy Faire, but this weekend I have been busy preparing the script for a Fashion Show. It was a wonderful show in honor of Shazneyvalentine who has been a hard working member at the Jewels Isle Sim . If my headache dissipates I shall return to share some photos from this event. Otherwise I will be back writing tomorrow. Details below as per usual.

Details: * denotes items available at Fantasy Faire 2015
Skin: Ash – Lid 01 (ltbrown – thin) / Boi, [PF]
Hair: Aria, rezology
Eyes: Charm Eyes- Brown, IKON
Clothing:*Treva* Dress, fitmesh – Natural Brown, FDD Stories *
Shoes: Soleil – Sandals for Slink flat ,Bliensen + MaiTai *
Extras: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat V2.2
Poses: Standing : Sweet Baby, Eternal Dream Poses
Seated: Adina, Eternal Dream Poses *
Decor: Brocade Drapes, 22769 [bauwerk]

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