FF: Preparation is key..so let’s shop

the lost

Lily sat alone in the attic. She had tucked herself between the window and the curtains in the hope that no one would see her. She was tired of all of the fussing of family and friends, tired of change – she just had to get away from them all. She had told a few lies, well really they were more like bent truths she told herself. They were harmless and would allow her some time to herself, some quiet, some time to think.

She rubbed her arms absentmindedly as she looked out at the city below, it was so familiar and yet tonight it looked so strange. Everything seemed to have lost it’s color, it felt like the world had turned to grey the very moment she dropped her mother’s favorite flowers atop the casket. She felt so alone, Lily shivered and blinked back the tears that threatened to fall, even now when no one could see she felt she had to hide her grief. The curtain stirred behind her, Lily held her breath and listened, she hadn’t heard the trapdoor of the attic open and she knew no windows were open. Curiosity stirred within her so she turned to the room and peered around the heavy drapes.

There standing before her was a slender woman dressed in white and looking directly at her. “Come with me, we need to leave immediately” the woman spoke the words softly but there was no mistaking the command in their tone. Lily arose and moved towards the unknown visitor. ” Why? Go where? Who are you?” she asked. “I am called Ayla and I have been sent by the Queen”the woman replied. Lily gasped she had seen the Queen only once , and only from a distance,  yet here was someone who claimed to aide the Queen -she could not refuse.

Lily watched as Ayla waved her hand over something cupped in her hand, when she whispered a few words a hazy light formed behind her. It shimmered and strengthened forming a white oval, Ayla motioned towards her then stepped through the portal. Lily took a deep breath and followed…

They stepped out into a quiet street, it seemed vaguely familiar to Lily, as if it was one she had walked down. Perhaps she had been down here on her way to visit a friend, or to go to the market with her mother.. she shook her head and began walking after Ayla who had moved into the market square ahead ahead. “We must prepare for our journey, we will need food , some suitable clothes and boots for you, we mustn’t delay” explained Ayla as she walked towards a stall. Ayla moved confidently and quickly from merchant to merchant seeking the necessary items, Lily watched and said little as the pile of items grew- bread, bottled water, dried nuts.

Fruit seller of Andolys

As she looked about her familiar fruits and unusual vegetables caught her eye, Lily moved closer to look at the vibrant colors in the basket of a merchant standing near a signpost. She raised her eyes to the signs, the lettering was clear but the place names completely unfamiliar to her, she had no idea where they were or where they were go. Ayla selected several of the fruits from the seller and then motioned Lily to follow as they neared a building at the eastern corner of the square.

The Tavern Owner
The Tavern Owner

Ayla stopped at a tavern where the owner was standing outside, she asked him about a seamstress and cobbler, he recommended a small establishment on the northern edge of the town. They criss-crossed the town by using a series of smaller streets avoiding much of the large market crowds which would have slowed their progress.

The Poet's Heart Seamstress
The Poet’s Heart Seamstress

When they reached the store the seamstress , who was a kind and softly spoken woman, quickly provided the items they needed, she even had a pair of strong walking boots in the right size for Lily. As Lily walked about the shop getting used to her new boots, Ayla settled the bill and spoke with the woman in hushed tones. As Lily moved closer , Ayla spoke clearer “It’s time to leave, we must reach the next town before nightfall”.The seamstress spoke to Ayla once more “At Vallacia look for Starlight Inn, my sister owns it, you will be able to get a bed there for the night” . She motioned to Lily and gave her a smooth leather satchel ” You will need this little one” . She followed them back onto the street and pointed to the to her right  ,” If you leave through that town gate you will be on the road to Vallacia”.

And so the travelers bid farewell and began the walk to the next town, Vallacia. Lily had never heard of such a place, she wondered what they would see, what they would do and who they would meet on their journey.


NB Items marked with # are available at Fantasy Faire

Details: Fruit seller
Skin: :: Adore : 5 – Amber :: Bare {Freck/DarkBrow}, Lumae
Hair: Jasmine Mesh Hair – Ember, /Wasabi Pills/ #
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Iron, IKON
Clothing: Sigrid Blouse ,(Cream)Poet’s Heart #
Sigrid Skirt , (Olivita)Poet’s Heart #
Accessories: Lil Wench Basket (hand) (hold animation) , Poet’s Heart
Extras:Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Shoes: Marsali.Flats (Rawhide) – Maitreya, fri.
Pose: by Poet’s Heart

Details: Tavern owner
Skin: Ashton SK Xmas gift, -Belleza- ( past group gift)
Shape:  DAMIEN modded, 7 Deadly s{K}ins
Hair: * RON *, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Promise Eyes- Mahogany, IKON
Clothing: Tavern Keeper Thomas- brown, Gypsy Wolf ( includes fitted mesh tunic/pants, rope belt, boots)#
Accessories: pose 5 beer tankard, [PM] ( dug deep to find this in my inventory)
Extras: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.1 – Relaxed
Pose : by Poet’s Heart

Details: Seamstress
Skin: Domino 05 (Dark Brows), [KOOQLA]
Hair: tunnel cake – splash, AD
Eyes: Charm Eyes – Grey, IKON
Clothing: Aradia Dress (Lavender), Poet’s Heart– RFL item
Accessories:My Precious – Dragonclaw Earrings,Bliensen + MaiTai #
My Precious – Hair Pins Bundle , Bliensen + MaiTai #
Makeup: Eyeshadow Eva RFL1, !Musa! #
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Shoes: Marsali.Flats (Eggplant) – Maitreya, fri.
Pose: Di’s Opera

Location: The three market people photos were taken on the Spires of Andolys Sim @ Fantasy Faire: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spires%20of%20Andolys/140/115/48


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