FF: When the water meets the road

The further they got from the bustling township around The Spires of Andolys the more curious Lily became about her traveling companion. Ayla was now dressed in clothing more suitable for traveling, gone was the flowing gown now she wore  a long coat over close fitting breeches tucked into high boots. She didn’t appear to carry a weapon unless it was concealed within her coat pockets or the satchel slung over her shoulder. Lily struggled to think of how to start a conversation, she had so many questions, but then Ayla started humming quietly. Lily frowned, the tune sounded familiar but she couldn’t remember the words. Maybe it was something from her childhood, or maybe it was something she had heard in a concert.. the memory was not clear.

After a few hours walking  there was a subtle change in the scenery, trees began to thin and there were less animals in the grasses along the roadside. Lily thought this must be a sign that they were nearing a town, and sure enough the first few buildings of Vallacia were soon visible in the soft glow of dusk.

Guardian of Vallacia

As they neared the buildings Lily was surprised to see that they were actually built on stilts over a bay of water. The path became a series of  criss-crossing bridges causing a confusing jumble of alternate routes to stores, small boats were tied alongside and it appeared that most people used these to navigate their way around the town.  The first person to greet them was a woman dressed in armor, she explained that she was a peacekeeper of Vallacia but also a guide to help people find their way through the maze of walkways. Ayla explained that they were searching for a place to stay and mentioned that the Starlight Inn was their destination. With a nod the guardian of Vallacia pointed out which paths would take them there quickest so the adventurers made their farewells and began traversing the wooden structures.

Starlight Inn keeper

Just as the first stars began appearing in the sky Ayla and Lily reached a stone building with light streaming from the windows and open door. Sure enough a sign hanging above the door indicated they had reached their destination. They were shown to a small but tidy room with very comfortable beds and after eating a warm meal Lily found it hard to keep her eyes open. Ayla encouraged her young charge to lie down and noticed she was soon asleep. Unfastening her coat Ayla removed the scroll bearing the Queen’s mark and moved closer to the window to use the moonlight to read by. She quickly noticed that the writing had indeed changed, the brief message praised her for their progress and indicated that their next location was not far but they would need to travel partway by boat. Before leaving Vallacia the duo were to visit the Mage who lived on the waters edge overlooking the sea. An image of her appeared on the paper, and Ayla wondered what part this woman would play in their quest.

Mage of Vallacia

The day dawned bright and Ayla and Lily  were ready set off after a quick meal. The Inn keeper kindly gave them additional supplies so they would not need to venture further into the maze of walkways. Skirting the edges the travelers met few people and were soon at the harbor of Vallacia. There before them were many vessels, but Ayla turned towards the elven Mage as directed in the scroll.  The Mage spoke a few words to Ayla, pressed a small silver charm into Lily’s hand and chanted a blessing for their continued safe travel. She cautioned them not to linger overlong at their next destination and pointed them towards a sturdy looking boat with blue sails and a series of symbols carved in the mast.  Lily clasped her hand tight around the charm as the boat pulled away smoothly from the dock, and her first ever experience of sailing began.

Remember # denotes items are available at Fantasy Faire

Details: Guardian
Skin: Purple Passion Skin, [Stargazer] – part of the FF Exclusive Fairy skin set- Purple #
Hair: * STARLINE 2.0 *, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Darkstar, IKON
Clothing: Boudica Armor and Boots ( female), Avatar Bizarre #
Acessories: Ornate Throwing Dagger Purple Leather, .:Snoodle’s: #
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Pose: Assassin, Poet’s Heart

Details: Inn-keeper
Skin: Domino 05 (Light Brows), [KOOQLA]
Hair: Jaden Mesh Hair – FEM – Licorice, /Wasabi Pills/ #
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Darkstar, IKON
Clothing: Celtic Tartan Gown FF15 , !! FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK !! #
Jewelry: Cured – Relay For Life 2015 – Female – OtherSkin #
Extras:Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Shoes: Marsali.Flats (Eggplant) – Maitreya, fri.
Poses: Amber,Bounce this Poses

Details: Mage
Skin: Delphine : 1 – Icing / Royal {Mid Cleavage/L Brow}, Lumae
Hair: Keiran hair (female) – Basics, .~Tableau Vivant~
Eyes: Deadshine Eyes – Sin, IKON
Clothing: Cequi: Dress & Accessories, .PoshTale. includes hud to change color of collar and bracers #
Accessories: Alchemist Staff Animated – Power[Hold], [Gauze] #
Extras: Leevi Long Ears // Naturals, Lumae
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Shoes:Marsali.Flats (Eggplant) – Maitreya, fri.
Poses: Staff poses, Poet’s Heart

Location for photos: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vallacia/117/206/45


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