FF: An Epic Tale

This time when they looked about themselves Lily and Ayla discovered they were in a large city with impressive stone buildings that seemed to spread as far as they could see. There was the usual bustle of stalls , markets and entertainers lining the streets . People seemed happy and while busy they did not look to be rushing or concerned, in fact everywhere they turned they saw smiling faces. Ayla inquired at one of the stalls for a book about the city and was soon waved towards a large columned building at the center of the city.

Lily gasped upon seeing rows and rows of shelves all lined with books, and Ayla searched for someone to ask since she feared to browse the shelves alone could take some time. Ayla found a gentleman who was kind enough to find a small book with maps and details of the surrounding area. As she went to pay for it he refused her coins and asked that they seek out the ladies on the upper floor.  Curious as to why Ayla hesitated,  the man pointed to the satchel upon Lily’s shoulder, ” See here, this design upon there, ’tis one seldom seen around here, yet one of the ladies knows it well – she would be sure to wish to speak of it with you” he ushered them towards the stone stairs at the back of the building.

Ayla led the way with Lily just behind her, several flights of stairs later and the pair arrived at the upper level which overlooked the city. Three women stood together deep in conversation, which although heated looked friendly enough. When the lady closest to the stairs noticed their arrival she paused and closed her book, motioning to her companions as she did. After a brief greeting in which Ayla and Lily explained how they came to be appearing unannounced before them,  they then did their best to answer the questions of their travels.

Odyssey, collage

Appearing satisfied with their new knowledge the women smiled and nodded before leaning together and conversing in a quiet tone. The lady dressed in white turned and went to a low table in the shadows of a column, she returned and placed into Lily’s hands a slender leather folder. ” A gift for you” she explained as Lily smoothed her fingers over the fine leather engraved with the same design as upon her satchel, how curious she thought to herself. Opening the folder Lily discovered a feather pen and a small pile of parchment paper, she smiled and thanked the ladies for their kindness. The lady dressed in red moved alongside Ayla and admired the book the man had given her, she commented quietly on the unique nature of this volume as it will show you the maps and details for whichever location you are in at the time. Meanwhile the youngest of the ladies, who appeared not much older than Lily spoke to her softly, ” This writing set is an enchanted one, not for everyday , but you will know when best to use it”.

Noticing that the afternoon was passing by Ayla suggested to Lily that they should leave to arrive at the next city before night.  Thanking the trio of ladies once more for their gifts and well wishes,  Lily and Ayla made their farewells and left . The adventurers returned to the street and Ayla consulted her new book, tracing her finger along a bold line that led from the city of Odyssey to it’s neighbor Aurora . Lily was glad that they had set out before late afternoon for as their route winded up gradually steeper roads she was able to turn back to the city of Odyssey and still make out the building at the center, and – she was sure- she could see the three ladies still standing there .

Details are written below, left to right, with items from Fantasy Faire marked with #.

Location of photo:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odyssey%20FF/107/128/44

Skin: Cassia – Exotic – 02 B, -Glam Affair
Hair:Jasmine Mesh Hair – Ember, /Wasabi Pills/ #
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Iron, IKON
Clothing:Calypso passion, [FAIDA] #
Accessories: Mesh Fathom Faceplate, A&A #
Spell Book, Closed (Black) -CBOX, [The Forge] ( past gacha event item)
Shoes: Le Ballet Flats – Beige for Maitreya, Pure Poison
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Pose: from Bounce This Poses
Skin: December skin – America 01 C, -Glam Affair –
Hair: sola, AD ( includes optional headpiece)#
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Iron, IKON
Clothing: Suriya – Fern, ::B&C::#
Accessories: Rebirth Set – Hope, NSP ( includes mask, shoulder decor and arm pieces)#
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Pose: Bounce This Poses
Skin: accidentally deleted my note on which skin but it is and Aisa tone from Glam Affair
Hair: Petula, AD#
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Iron, IKON
Clothing: Tavern Maid Maggie Blue, Gypsy Wolf#
Accessories: book was a random one collected in my inventory
Pose: Bounce This Poses


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