FF: Modern Magic

As the road plateaued the travelers saw that they had not reached Aurora yet, for stretching above them were a series of stairs and platforms. They moved towards the first set of stairs ready to begin what promised to be a long climb not knowing what they would find at the summit. But the sky was lit up bright already so if nothing else they would be sure to find somewhere to stay the night.

Suddenly Lily stopped still and grabbed for Ayla’s arm, “Look” she hissed.

aurora folk friend or foe?

There standing beside the first step was a small purple creature unlike anything that Lily had seen before, it’s eyes were luminous and unblinking giving it quite a menacing appearance . Ayla stopped and looked then whispered to Lily, “It’s an imp, mischievous at times but if we don’t cause it harm then all should be well”. Lily bit her lip unsure of what about the small creature unnerved her but she quickly followed after Ayla who had already reached half way on the first set of stairs.

As they reached the first platform Lily cautiously peered over the edge of the railing seeking sight of the curious creature that had watched them so intently, but it was nowhere to be seen.. perhaps it was too small or perhaps it had left she thought. Then she heard a soft but distinct sound of someone or something ascending the stairs after them, she turned her eyes widening as she noticed the Imp coming towards her. It almost had to jump up the stairs but that did not deter it, as it made it’s way closer step by step. Lily gave a small yelp and rushed after Ayla trying to explain about their follower but her words came out in a jumble whilst the pair continued upwards.

At the second platform Ayla paused and asked Lily to repeat herself but slower this time. ” That creature, the Imp, it .. it is following us”. Just then with a scrape and a loud clatter, well loud in the still quiet dusk, the small Imp appeared on the platform too. Lily’s eyes widened in alarm ” See, it’s following us” she hissed, “Just wait” cautioned Ayla. The Imp moved across the platform , staring at them as it past before beginning to jump onto the next set of stairs.

Once it had made it halfway to the next platform Ayla tugged on Lily’s arm ” C’mon it is just traveling the same way that’s all” she said. They were soon onto the third platform, Lily looked upwards only two more platforms until they reached the highest, the lights were shining bright and welcoming so Lily began to walk a little faster.  Suddenly the Imp appeared  a few stairs above them motioning them onwards ” Come, come now Mistress awaits” his curiously high pitched voice carried clear as he pointed towards a platform that was perched off to the side and lower down than the township.

Aurora folk

“Thank you for the invitation but we have business in Aurora , we must press on” replied Ayla as she steered Lily around the Imp and quickly onto the next stairway leading to the platform just below the city.  The Imp jumped up the steps behind them calling after them” No no no, wrong way” he pointed to a set of stairs that were partially obscured ” We go, Mistress awaits”. Ignoring the clatter and cries behind them Lily and Ayla continued their climb. ” NO” shouted the Imp furiously , suddenly there was a flash of light and the stairs leading from the last platform to Aurora were gone. Lily screamed and Ayla clutched her to her side, whispering quietly.

The pair moved towards the Imp, who was now almost dancing in glee as he pointed ahead to the stairs leading down , down to the platform where the mysterious duo awaited.  As the Imp led the way Lily appeared to stumble as Ayla reached for her she whispered “Take us somewhere safe!”  they stepped forward and disappeared, leaving the Imp staring at a glowing yellow disc of light fading away.

* Fantasy Faire has officially closed but most stores have left their vendors up for now.

Skin: Dark Elf – Silver, Niekra’s Dreams
Shape: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – DAMIEN modded
Hair: Jack Mesh Hair – Licorice, /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: Spectre MESH , AB ( Avatar Bizarre)
Clothing: The Alchemist ( male), [Gauze]
Accessories: Alchemist Staff Animated – Mana [Back], [Gauze]

Skin: “Feather Star”, alpha.tribe ( includes additional feathers – worn)
Shape: Beth Shape, Lumae
Eyes: Charm Eyes – Black, IKON
Clothing: Khatya outfit , midnight ( includes boots) Feyline Fashions

3rd Avi: IMPZ Avatar Male, Purpleish, oBVious


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