No ordinary girl next door

Chanel top, beige ViVi

Lately I seldom take my Maitreya mesh body off, so I am always on the look out for  well made clothing to wear with it, especially if they’ve been designed for a mesh body. Not having to worry about an alpha cut on the hud is a huge advantage that’s one of the main reasons I look out for applier based clothing. If you wear any of the well established mesh bodies on the SL market then you will find that the most reliable way of meeting your clothing needs is to look out for Omega appliers. By purchasing the relevant relay hud, or joining the LoveNLust group and buying them at a special low price, you can then use the omega applier with your body rather than be limited to clothing designed specifically.

ViVi top and Kitja jeans

One of my ” go-to” places for well made casual clothing is ViVi, I especially adore the tops for just slipping into with jeans. The blouse I am wearing in my photos today is the newly released Chanel blouse from ViVi, as well as the standard system layer options you get a multihud. This includes options for easy application when wearing: Lolas, Luck, Ulukie & Banned, Omega, Wowmeh, *KL*Lena, and Slink. As I was already wearing my Maitreya body I slipped on my Maitreya/Omega relay hud and with a simple click selected to wear this sweet spring top without camisole (there is a with camisole option available on the hud too).

I love the texture on this top, its so beautifully finished with subtle binding at the sleeves and neckline and the super cute peek-a-boo at your bellybutton. I paired my new top with a battered pair of jeans that you can get from Kitja at the current round of Chapter 4. This jeans include the standard mesh sizes, plus a pair designed to be worn with Slink Physique/ Maitreya mesh bodies. What I found really interesting is that you also get a hud with these jeans, not to change the color of them but rather the color of the skin showing through the tears. Because I chose to wear a light freckled look courtesy of [PXL] I chose one of the lightest tones available on the hud.

relaxing next door

I mentioned ViVi earlier as the store where you can find this lovely Chanel top in a range of light spring shades, however I should let you know that right next door you can take a look at ViVi Hair. After trying on a range last night I opted for this lovely swept back style that leaves my face and shoulders clear whilst flowing down my back. This style came with included hairbase so no having to search for a substitute or buy anything extra, just choose your style or styles and enjoy your new look.

Before I drop down to the details I want to give you a “heads- up” on the lucky letter chairs at ViVi. Currently they are stocked with a sweet and sassy cropped version of the Chanel top I am wearing. What a great opportunity to get a sample of the fine clothing from ViVi… just remember to stop and check out all of the new items on offer.

Skin: MIA PA ~ We<3 RP ~ Makeup 02 MEB C2, [PXL] ( past event item) with [PXL] Face freckles medium (tattoo) and [PXL] MIA PA Red Eyebrows {tattoo}
Hair: Karisma, { ViVi Hair }
Eyes:Hope Eyes – Iron, IKON
Clothing: Chanel – Beige – Multi Applier HUD, { ViVi }
Gwen Jeans L.BLUE FM (Slink Physique + Maitreya), KITJA ( @ Chapter 4)
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3

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