Only You – can make these brown eyes blue

Only Yours, menswear separates

Ok guys this one is all about you! I have spoken about ROA Fashion before, as I admire the creativity, enthusiasm and generosity of the owner of the store (more items to be blogged from this store in the future ladies) . The other day I was introduced to a menswear store on the same sim  as ROA and all I can say is Wow – you guys have no excuse for not updating your wardrobes now.

Only Yours is a great store , easily navigated by even the most novice of SL shopper. Wander into the large , not overwhelming, open space and you can see the vendors placed around the room. Consider these your racks of clothes, flick through the options on the side panels until you find the color you want and buy. Simple right? There is also an option to send it an item as a gift so you can easily send these fantastic items to a friend, or they can send some to you. What a perfect opportunity for a hard to buy for guy who needs steering in the right direction for well made casual clothing.

Only Yours clothing and Giomen boots

Today I am showing off the chinos in green, though there’s a wide range to choose from, and paired them with a casual polo shirt. Both the texturing and the fit on these items are impeccable, with folds and fabric shading that looks like your favorite comfortable casual clothing in RL. This store really makes shopping for wearable everyday menswear a pleasure, and if you head to the mall with a girlfriend/ partner/ wife/ female family member or friend, she may like to head over to ROA and check out the new releases leaving you to take your time , or rush whatever your shopping style.

At Baja

Skin: Giovanni/Mocha/Bald, Ooh-la-licious ( past Skin Fair release – now in Mainstore)
Shape: Mackavelli Male Model Shape, Ooh-la-licious
Hair: * ROBBIE*, .:EMO-tions:
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Mahogany, IKON
Clothing: Mens Mesh Polo Shirt – Black, Only Yours
Mens Mesh Chino Pants – Green, Only Yours
Shoes:Lumberjack Boots , : G i o M E N : ( includes a hud for 4 different shoe and laces color)
Extras: Slink Avatar Enhancement Male hands


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