FF: A Shimmer of Hope

Lily and Ayla arrived in a wooded area, the light was dim as dusk was falling. They clung to each other for comfort as the shock of their recent encounter had shaken them both, they were unaware of the motive of the imp in it’s assertion of their accompanying it but the dramatic explosion indicated it would not have been a good outcome should they have complied. They were safe now, well at least they hoped so, all was still and quiet around them. There appeared to be no large animals around the only sounds were leaves moving in the trees and the occasional quiet chirrup of a bird settling in the branches above. Ayla shared out the last of their rations assuring Lily that they would visit a town in the morning to ensure they would not go hungry. After their small meal they settled down to sleep underneath one of the larger trees, their cloaks wrapped tight around them and the sound of a stream trickling nearby.

Ayla awoke first and looked about them with some surprise, she gently shook Lily awake and motioned her to be quiet. Close by a pair of fantastical creatures appeared to be dancing in the early light of day, no music could be heard but their movements were joyous and free. Although they looked towards the resting travelers they appeared neither curious or alarmed to see them, in fact they ignored them . Lily pointed away to the left where there was another clearing and some more of these gentle folk enjoying the dawn of a new day. At that point Ayla decided it was time they move onwards with their journey rather than risk interfering with what appeared to be a growing gathering of fae and fantasy folk.

tangleshimmer magic

Moving a short distance away Ayla took the special stone from her pocket where she now kept it constantly, ” We need to find some food” she whispered towards the softly glowing stone. The light grew brighter and soon a pale green hued portal was before them ready for Lily and Ayla to step through, and so they did.

Details: on left, green
Skin/ Body: Fenodyree Fae – Moss M03, Stargazer ( items with # were included)- these were available at Fantasy Faire- now try the Mainstore http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//34/84/801
Hair: Fanella – Fenodyree, Stargazer #
Eyes:Fenodyree Eyes – Moss, Stargazer #
Clothing:Fairy Dress Brown, Stargazer
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Fenodyree Wings – Moss, Stargazer #
Nail Polish HUD – Fenodyree Fae – Moss, Stargazer #

Details: on right, purple
Skin/ Body: Fenodyree Fae -Nightshade M04 , Stargazer ( items with # were included)
Hair: Fanella – Fenodyree, Stargazer #
Eyes:Fenodyree Eyes – Nightshade, Stargazer #
Clothing:Fairy Dress Mystic , Stargazer
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Fenodyree Horns – Nightshade, Stargazer #
Fenodyree Hooves – Nightshade, Stargazer #
Fenodyree Leg and Arm decor- Nightshade, Stargazer #


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