FF: A Seed is Sown



Rose petal

The first thing Lily noticed was the sweet scent of ripe fruit in the warm air, the first thing Ayla noticed was a soft singing and a light whirr of wings. They both looked up, and up and up some more. There flying above them were many faeries , different sizes, different colors, but all tending the lush flowers and fruiting plants around them. Quietly the pair moved around plants cautious not to draw any attention to themselves as they circumnavigated their way towards a less busy area within the valley they appeared to be in.


They paused near a stand of tall thin fungi and waited for a nearby fae to move away. Lily licked her lips aware that it had been many hours since they finished their last meal , looking at all of the ripening fruit around them she whispered to Ayla ” Do you think we can eat something?” Suddenly there was a rustling in the leaves behind them and out strode a young lady carrying a flower above her head.

Guardian of the grove

“Why certainly you may” she said as she plucked a  berry from a nearby branch, ” These are especially yummy”. She took a bite and motioned with the remainder towards Lily. Gratefully Lily took it from her hands and took a bite, a sigh of pleasure as the juicy flesh touched her lips. Picking another berry, which she offered to Ayla, the lady ( who appeared to be wearing a flower as her dress) explained that she was the guardian of this grove. All visitors were welcome to stay from sunrise to sunset but were asked to leave before nightfall to allow the grove residents to rest and the plants to sleep. “It is also the time of our rains” she explained whilst pointing towards the rose tinted horizon ” See how the clouds grow. Gather some fruits for your travels then you best be on your way”.

Lily and Ayla did as bade and after thanking their host and waving a farewell they called upon the portal, asking for direction of where to go next. A clear blue disc of light shimmered before them and as they stepped through they could still hear the joyful music of the faeries singing softly .

Details of outfits in the order shown: note items marked with a # were featured at Fantasy Faire 2015, check Mainstores to see if they’re beng released.

Skin: Omega Applier // Fable – Moss (WEAR), Lumae #
Shape: Beth Shape, Lumae
Hair: Jaden Mesh Hair – FEM – Sorbet, /Wasabi Pills/ #
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Green, IKON
Clothing: Pepeke ( FF Exclusive Pre-release), AZUL – includes wings and butterflies #
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Pose: Saella, ED Poses #

Body: Petite Mesh Avatar 2, Yabusaka
Skin: Adore – Theia, Lumae #
Hair: Orion Petite Mesh Hair – Ethereal, /Wasabi Pills/
Clothing: Dragon realm: Lost traveler guardian, BPd ( includes the wings and choker shown, plus slippers not worn)#
Skin: MIA PA ~ We<3 RP ~ Makeup 02 MEB C2, [PXL]
Hair:Jay Mesh Hair – FEM – Ember, /Wasabi Pills/#
Eyes:Hope Eyes – Apex, IKON
Clothing: Fantasmic – Sun, Poet’s Heart #
Accessories: Fantasmic Parasol & Hairflowers, Poet’s Heart #
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Poses: Lita, ED Poses #


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