Issy delivers a splash of color

Issy pink gown, Sashca's Designs

Sascha’s Designs has released the Issy gown in 6 beautiful combinations that remind me of glorious works of art. A softly flowing silk scarf adds an extra dash of glamour and movement, as do the optional flexi skirts. This gown is 50% mesh, I love these combined mesh flexi gowns from Saschas, there are times I want sleek slender mesh gowns and other times I want the movement and flow of flexi- Thank you Sascha for giving us gowns with the best of both features!

Free earrings at Zuri Jewelry

Before I drop down to the details I wanted to share a close up of these gorgeous earrings from Zuri Jewelry. This June many of the stores located on Jewels Isle, including Zuris Jewelry, are participating in a month long celebration of weddings. As well as sidewalk displays with discounted items to fit the theme, many of the stores also have free gifts- these are for anyone and do not require a group tag.

I will feature some more of the gorgeous wedding themed jewelry over the next few weeks, because the event is spread over the month there is likely to be some new pieces and specials appearing over the month. At Zuris Jewelry the items in the Wedding display are reduced by 25% , however if you are wearing your group tag at time of purchase you will get an additional 25% discount!

Skin:Elsie <Biscuit> – Lid 01 – (black/dark), Pink Fuel ( @ June Arcade)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Hair: My Hair – Choa /Regular Pack 1, [monso]
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Chocolate, IKON
Clothing: Issy Pink Gown- 50% mesh, Sascha’s Designs
Makeup: Princess Mesh Lashes , Oceane
Iced Divinity Makeover [eye/lip] [lip 2], [mock]
Jewelry: Mist Coral/Sterling Earrings, Zuri Rayna- FREE gift at Zuri Jewelry in June
Poses: Sunny, oOo Studio ( FLF)
Location: Vivaldi


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