FF: Roaming Free

Arriving in yet another shaded woodland area the two adventurers , as Lily now thought of herself and Ayla, were surprised to hear voices shouting. Positioning themselves behind some thick bushy plants they peered through the branches at the drama unfolding under a large tree. Two men, both armed with weapons, were arguing whilst before them stood a small furry animal with a long tail. Ayla motioned Lily to stay there quietly as she crept forward to try and understand the men’s words. The man with the sword at his side pulled it from the scabbard and motioned towards the creature, whatever he was saying made the animal tremble. As the sword was raised Ayla picked up a branch and threw it as far away from her as she could whilst moving as silently as possible back towards Lily.


wild or free

The two men looked towards the noise coming from the bushes and Ayla grabbed Lily’s hand tugging her towards the opposite direction as fast as possible. The two has just stopped to catch their breaths behind a big tree when a blur of white streaked past them. Lily watched in surprise as it turned and nodded at them before motioning them closer with a paw, cautiously Lily and Ayla moved around a large oak tree just in time to see the small creature’s tail disappear into some bushes tangled around the roots.


Where is he going?

They found themselves in a surprisingly spacious cavern hollowed out under the massive tree, although it was quite dark at least it was warm and out of sight. The three sat quietly waiting and listening until they were sure that the sounds of the forest had settled with no sounds of pursuit from the men. Ayla thanked the creature for providing them a safe place to hide and in turn the young cat thanked them for providing a distraction to allow him to escape. He explained that though there was no food where they were, he would happily invite them to his family home in the nearby town where they could rest comfortably and safely before continuing on their way in the morning. Lily looked shaken by the sight of the armed men so Ayla shook her head and said they would hide where they were a little longer then continue on their own, their host would have less chance of being seen alone she reasoned to him.

The cat stood and stretched moving to a shadowed part of the wall he brushed a few roots aside to uncover a narrow tunnel, apparently this connected to a series of underground passages that he and his family used to move safely between town and forest. Unfortunately it was very evident that it was far too small for even Lily to fit into, she frowned and then whispered something to Ayla. With a smile Ayla passed Lily the smooth stone , Lily took the little cats paw and placed it atop of the stone which she cradled carefully in her palm. ” Think of your home, and tell the stone you want to go home”. With a tilt of his head the cat did as he was bid, his eyes widening in amazement as a shimmering indigo light appeared in front of them. With a happy laugh Lily motioned him to follow as she stepped through, and with one last look at the under tree cavern that had saved them Ayla followed the pair.


Yes Fantasy Faire 2015 was finished months ago, but I haven’t completed my story that I started despite my best intentions. So I will make sure that I finish! After this post I have three more fantasy themed posts specifically featuring items that were at Fantasy Faire, now head to the mainstores to see if you can buy these fantastic items.


Details: ( on left)
Skin: Ooh-la-licious/Giovanni/Chocolate/Bald with Ooh-la-licious/Heavy Goatee 1 Tattoo
Shape: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – DAMIEN modded
Hair: Jay Mesh Hair – MALE – Licorice, /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: Woodsprite , AB
Clothing: Barbarian black, Gypsy Wolf Creations
Boots: Sherrod boot , ( from other outfit worn in this post), Feyline Fashions
Details: ( on right)
Skin: Ooh-la-licious/Giovanni/Coffee/Bald with Ooh-la-licious/Chinstrap Tattoo
Shape: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – DAMIEN modded
Hair: Hairbase included with Giovanni skin
Eyes: Woodsprite , AB
Clothing: Ranger Sherrod Forest, Feyline Fashions ( includes boots , hat, bow shown)
Poses: Morris, vestige
Tiny fox, Burgundy Marble, [WoO]


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