FF: Family and Friends

The small traveling party stepped through the portal and onto a quiet street, looking around them Lily noticed a large building with a sign ‘Poppetsborough Public Library’. She was about to cross the street to take a closer look when their new friend stopped her, “Wait.. stop right there” he cautioned. He tilted his head and with a smile, turned towards a small lane beside them, all is quiet and still around them so Lily and Ayla shrugged their shoulders and waited. With a soft tingling of a bell and an almost silent whirring sound a small bicycle appeared on the street ridden at great speed by a young kitten.

little brother

“It’s my little brother” explained the, only slightly bigger, cat who they had met in the woods. The kitten came to stop before them a slight frown on his young face, but as he looked up he gave an excited shout and smiled at his brother. All of a sudden he burst into a jumble of words that were spoken so fast Ayla had trouble understanding anything and Lily just looked confused. When his older brother just nodded, the little kitten took off riding his bike as fast as his little legs could pedal. The trio stood still a moment , then the cat ran across the street he was about to disappear behind a building when he looked back, “Come” he said and motioning that Lily and Ayla should follow he began to run down a series of narrow streets . He arrived in a small backyard outside a house just as the door was flung open wide.

Older sister

From the house emerged a lady carrying a bag, she dropped the bag and fell to her knees to hug the cat from the forest. She explained that one of their cousins was about to have her babies and that she had to rush away to help. Lily watched with surprise as a transformation happened right in front of her – the lady who stood before them was now covered in a pale gingery fur. With a quick wave to the kitten who had just arrived on his bike their older sister dashed away without another word, leaving her brothers to invite their guests in.


same sister

The evening passed quickly with warm food and much telling of tails, and soon everyone settled down to sleep. The morning brought news of a healthy litter of 5 kittens when a very tired older sister returned home. Lily and Ayla decided it was time to continue their journey once more so making quiet but heart felt fond farewells they left the home of the cat family and returned to the streets of Poppetsborough. Finding themselves not far from where they had arrived in the town Lily turned towards the large library, Ayla smiled as her friend stood in awe at the entrance way constructed of towers of books.

There was a soft rustling sound and an unusual looking girl stepped forward, this time it was Ayla who was most caught unaware as she was close enough to notice that the girl was as flat as .. well as a piece of paper. The girl didn’t say a word but stepped closer to Lily with a smile, still silent she reached out and motioned toward a book upon a shelf. Lily drew the book out and carefully opened it, it was a book of maps and she was surprised to see it included pictures of many places that she and Ayla had been to, in fact there was a map of Poppetsborough complete with a picture of a family of cats outside a small house. Lily looked at the papergirl with confusion, but the girl just smiled and nodded, moving her hand over the book she turned the page unveiling a location that was unfamiliar to Lily.


Poppetsborough guide

Ayla stepped closer and looked at the pictures decorating the page, noticing exotic buildings with a fierce looking dragon atop the tallest. She went to turn the page so as not to alarm Lily with the sight of such an enormous creature but the girl of paper rested her hand over the page patting it gently she raised her other hand and touched Lily’s arm. Lily placed her hand on the book and the girl nodded , looked to Ayla and nodded again. Ayla sighed and removing her smooth stone once more whispered ” Take us to there”, a bright violet portal appeared beside them. The girl who had appeared so silent until now spoke clearly to Lily ” Take this book , it is yours”, then stepped away waving with a smile as the two travelers stepped into the vibrant light and disappeared.

1 Little brother
Body: Dinkies silver tabby body v1.2
Clothing: dinkies dark dungarees ns
dinkies tshirt for dungarees ns
Accessory: Pan’s DINKIE Steampunk Bike (‘Add’ – DO NOT ‘Wear)
2 Older sister
Hair: Jay Mesh Hair – FEM – Ember, /Wasabi Pills/
Body: ShapeShifter FemaleCatBrown, Yabusaka
ShapeShifter ShiftHUD
Clothing: . Coil . RFL . Fitted, The Muses
Jewelry: Yggdrasil Amulet, Zyn

3 Papergirl
DDDF – PoppeRana Purple RARE


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