FF: All roads lead here

Lily grabbed Ayla’s arm in alarm when she saw their location, high up in the air on a narrow wooden bridge overlooked by an enormous dragon. Ayla motioned her friend to move behind her as she reached for the slender weapon tucked at her belt, though a small blade it was an enchanted one with the potential for great power when called upon in times of danger. There was a movement at the other end of the bridge and a young woman approached them, ” Fear not ” she assured the travelers ” The dragon slumbers in a the deepest of sleeps and will not stir unless called upon by it’s mistress, my eldest sister. Come follow me she would like to meet you”.

yozakura lady 1

As she neared the end of the bridge another woman joined them ” This is my second eldest sister” , she explained before turning to her sibling. ” They have arrived ” she said excitedly, fluttering her fan about her as she almost danced towards the lit building . As Lily looked about them she noticed the bridges connected a series of floating islands , the largest of which appeared to be their destination. Lily was unsure whether it was a home or temple, but as Ayla seemed to have relaxed with the warm welcome.

Yozakura lady 2

Suddenly a door opened and out glided a lady in a full gown, she gracefully crossed the last bridge and held out her hands in welcome. Lily smiled as she was pulled into a gentle hug, the soft sweet scent of cherry blossom and the musical voice reassured her as they stood beneath the stony dragon’s watch. This regal lady was the guardian of the dragon , the peacekeeper of Yozakura and their host for the evening as she invited them to join her in her home. The small party entered the spacious home where they younger sisters presented a simple yet delicious meal of foods donated by the townspeople upon sunset. Lily watched as their host took time to personally thank each and every person for their gift whether large or small, pressing a few coins , a small gift or a blessing wherever they were needed.

Yozakura lady 3

After dining the one sister tidied away the meal whilst the other prepared the chambers for sleeping. Before retiring for the evening they all gathered on the upper balcony to watch the stars appear. In thanks for the hospitality Lily and Ayla shared tales of their travels and the many kind folk they had met upon their way, as Lily stifled a yawn Ayla explained their journey was nearing an end. Lily was surprised as she had no idea the purpose of their journey or their destination, she had felt secure and safe with Ayla and happy, happy to explore, happy to share stories and meet new people. She saddened at the thought of returning to the life she had lived before, where she couldn’t escape the sadness she felt at the passing of her mother. She rubbed her hand over her eyes,  pressing back the tears as she remembered how the illness overcame her mother’s sunny happy nature and how Lily’s world felt thrown into a cold turmoil. Ayla pulled Lily close to her stroking a gentle hand over her hair, ” Don’t worry my friend, everything will be ok. I know where we are going, it is not far to travel but perhaps we should get some rest now”.

In the morning after a light breakfast they made their farewells to the kind trio of sisters. Each pressed a small gift into Lily’s hand : a beautiful silk fan from the youngest, a small box of herbal tea from the middle sister and from the guardian a ring with a small dragon twined around the stem of a Lily flower. Lily carefully placed the gifts within her satchel and hugged each sister and turned to smile at Ayla, ” I’m ready” she said. ” So am I ” replied Ayla as she placed the portal stone on the flat of her hand, feeling the weight and warmth she smiled . A glimmering golden sphere appeared before them , growing in size to form a portal through which the two travelers stepped through knowing their journey was nearing it’s end.

It has been a long process to tell this story. My blog posts are far less frequent at the moment, but I will finish this story- one more entry to go ! What will happen, where will our travelers appear next?

I am going to post this now, it’s almost midnight my time, tomorrow I will add the details for the outfits and then the final installment of my tale. My next post after that will be my 1000th post on this blog !!

Sister 1
Skin: :: Yuko :: PALE Morning [YOON SKIN] ( only on Marketplace)
Hair: * TANJA *, .:EMO-tions:.
Body: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Elegant1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat V2.2
Eyes: Charm Eyes- Black, IKON
Clothing: Tatsu Silk Red ( includes panties and fan), [ SAKIDE ]
Shoes: Breeze Sandals (SLINK)- Pomegranate, REIGN
Sister 2
Skin: :: Yuko :: PALE Morning [YOON SKIN] ( only on Marketplace)
Hair: * ALICIA*, .:EMO-tions:.
Body: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Elegant1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Eyes: Charm Eyes- Black, IKON
Clothing: Nayoko Kimono Black/White, [ SAKIDE ]
Jewelry: Pearl Skull Choker, Zyn
Shoes: Raisa Pumps, WAYNE

Sister 3
Skin: :: Yuko :: Snow Night, [YOON SKIN] ( only on Marketplace)
Hair: Yakumi V2 – S.E. Unicorn, *TSM*
Body: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Elegant1
Eyes: Charm Eyes- Black, IKON
Clothing: K’aalogii /Onyx, -AZUL-


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