FF: This is not the end

Lily shivered as light snowflakes touched her skin, she didn’t know where she had thought they would arrive but she certainly wasn’t expecting a snow covered hillside. Ayla smiled at her friend and hurried towards the small tower, knocking on the door and calling out  in a language that Lily was unfamiliar with. The door opened and a small man appeared, he looked at Ayla, and then at Lily who was standing beside her, he nodded and Ayla smiled. The man opened the door wider and invited them inside.

a fond farewell

Over hot drinks Ayla and Lily explained about their travels while their host just nodded and listened.  He smiled at Lily, ” You have truly had a wonderful adventure but perhaps you are ready for some time of rest now?” Ayla sighed ” Oh yes, but I don’t know where I am and where I am going”. Ayla reached out and squeezed Lily’s hand gently ” We have arrived, if you are happy to stay here. Alphonse shall be your tutor and guardian until it is the time for you to leave, I won’t be able to stay here all of the time but I will come back and visit you” she explained.

As the sun set but the night had not yet begun there was a soft sound outside, barely audible yet Ayla rose and went to the door. Lily hurried after her and gasped in surprise to see a unicorn standing beside her friend. “It is time for me to leave, I am needed elsewhere for now” said Ayla. She hugged Lily to her, ” If you ever need me send  a message using the gifts you received on our travels together, I will be with you in an instant” and with that she waved farewell to Alphonse from atop the unicorn’s back before riding away down the hill. Lily stood there watching, although she knew she would be safe in her new home she would miss her friend who had almost come to feel like family. She wiped a tear from her cheek and reached for a handkerchief, curiously she felt a weight in her pocket, reaching in she withdrew the smooth stone that Ayla had carried. Alphonse moved closer ” Ahh, you are a lucky one ’tis a dragons egg . A magic gift for anyone fortunate enough to have one”. ” But this isn’t mine, it’s Ayla’s” protested Lily. “I think you will find” explained Alphonse kindly” that it is where it is meant to be, when it is needed next you will know what to do”.

Some years later….

A Queen calls

Queen Lilith paced restlessly, she had left the castle hurriedly and was now awaiting her closest confidante to help her work out her plan of action. With her husband dead and her daughter missing Lilith felt her family, her world, was falling apart. The door to the tower chamber opened and in shuffled a small man ” Lily my dear how wonderful to see you”. Lily hugged Alphonse to her trying to hold back the tears she explained what had happened. He listened intently and silently, then nodded ” Come child it is time” he motioned the Queen to follow him as he entered another room . Lily helped him move the paint easel smiling at the scene he had been working on, the peaceful scene calming her a moment as she remembered a long ago journey, suddenly she knew what she had to do.

Opening the cupboard concealed behind the curtain she withdrew her small leather satchel , taking it to the desk she removed each item with care.  A fine shell, a small seed and a silken fan were placed along the window ledge. She centred the small leather binder with fine paper and slender quill pen on the desk top, and began writing her message  pleading for help once more. On finishing her note she removed the chain from around her neck running her finger lightly over the engraved surface, meanwhile Alphonse brought over some sealing wax and a candle. After closing up the letter Lily dripped some melted wax onto the parchment pressing the ring down onto the soft surface to leave her official seal.Lily reached into the satchel once more, feeling the warm familiar weight she withdrew the magic dragon’s egg passing this and the letter to Alphonse she asked him to make the arrangements necessary to contact the one who had been able to help her in her greatest times of need.. Ayla.



And so I have finally finished my tale based around the sims and items from Fantasy Faire, I know that the Faire finished months ago but our quest is ongoing . A quest to raise awareness of Cancer and to help fundraise for the foundations involved in supporting people dealing with Cancer, recovering from Cancer or dealing with the loss of a loved one due to Cancer.

I will post this now and add the other details a little later when I log back onto Secondlife.

My next post will be post number 1000, so I hope to have that online tomorrow .

Details: Picture 1- Ayla ( on right)
Skin: Megan “Ice Princess” Special Edition Mixedtype, DeeTaleZ ( past Christmas gift)
Hair: Jaden Mesh Hair – FEM – Sorbet, /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes:Hope Eyes – Ghost, IKON
Clothing: Forest Fantasy Gown Set- Sky, The White Armory
Jewelry: Soleil Crown, Bliensen + MaiTai
Soleil – necklace, Bliensen + MaiTai
Makeup: Eyeshadow Jasmine RFL2, !Musa! 
Shoes: Soleil – Sandals for Maitreya, Bliensen + MaiTai
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Poses: Lita, available in 2 packs, Eternal Dream Poses



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