Memories on paper

Faded memories

Memories are funny things, the more you think about a particular memory the more you begin to wonder if that is actually how things were. Over the months after my mother’s death my immediate family gathered to ensure her precious items were dispersed among the family according to Mum’s wishes. Not long after my father sold the family farm and moved in with my brother, this meant sorting , packing or discarding a lifetime of memories. As we sorted through photos, old greeting cards, postcards and letters we recalled memories of time gone by, times that were significant, or small. And as we talked I realized that not only did we not have the same memories of certain periods of time in our shared history, but we also remembered different things about those times.

Clothing by Purple Moon Creations

Photos and physical reminders jogged memories and stories and reminiscences flowed, especially for me. I noticed that I had far more stories to share, recollections of things that Mum had told me as I grew up, things about her childhood, her young adulthood, her life and ours. What surprised me the most was that without those memory joggers I would have struggled to remember most of those little snippets of time, and while both of my brothers may have been able to talk about the chronology of events clearly, neither could recall details until I had started talking about my own memories of an occasion or experience.

Asha sterling silver, Zuri Rayna Jewelry @ Fair Play

So this got me wondering, in our lifetime of short-lived communication texts, emails, Facebook updates and photos saved to digital devices will our memories fade faster. Without a physical presence ;  a letter written when moving out of the family home, a postcard sent when on an exciting adventure, the home made Mother’s Day cards , hand written diaries and printed photos, will our memories become reliant on spoken language to live on. And then I thought about our verbal communication in society today.. I wonder if our history will be forgotten within the lifetime it was created.

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Eyes:Charm Eyes – Brown , IKON
Clothing: Tea Time Dress Grey , :: PM :: ( @ On9)
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Poses: selected from With Poise and Feminine series, Di’s Opera


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