A dangerous duo

Woodland Ranger, Jinx @ FairPlay

Jinx has a series of Ranger outfits available at the current round of Fair Play. Each is individual both in color and accessories, allowing you to create a range of characters each armed and dangerous thanks to the bow and arrows.

DRD Forest studio

Included in each set is: the body armor in 6 standard sizes ( you may need to tweak your curves a little to ensure you don’t overexpose yourself in action), boots in the same sizes, belt, bow and arrows with a sheath to re-stock your arrows with.

You may recognize my friend Helpful from a recent blog post, just as I was preparing to shoot this he logged on and I realized he would be the perfect addition for this photo too. Even more so once I realized the pose prop had more interesting poses for two avis, though I left off experimenting with the more intimate menus.

A dangerous duo

N.B I realize my eye makeup is a bit smudgy in these photos, apparently the best way to eliminate that is to not use advanced lighting, however I decided to leave it as is and consider it part of the realism of running through a forest and being thrown over someone’s shoulder.. a girl can’t always have perfect makeup you know.

Body: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.3
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Skin: Egozy.FACE.Mendoza(Tan)Catwa
Hair: Miranda, EMO-tions ( coming soon to Hairology)
Eyes:Charm Eyes – Burnt , IKON
Clothing:Woodland Ranger, Jinx ( @ current Fair Play)
Makeup: Ghost’Ink Omega App :: Orpheus Face/ Body :: Brown ( @ FGC)
Pose prop: studios set forest, DRD ( past gacha event item)

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