You leave me restless

PurpleMoon , Exile, Reign

There is something about the change of seasons, summer into fall, fall into winter that bring to the surface a certain restlessness. Perhaps with the end of warmer days we start to think ahead , the falling leaves bringing to mind the shaking off of past regrets and discarding old habits . Whilst the white wintery landscape brings us a blank canvas to start and prepare anew for spring when we will burst forth into life with a renewed vigor like a crocus bulb breaking through the cold crust of snow that covers the land.

You leave me restless

A timely reminder that not all change is bad and that not all change is sudden . It can be a so slow evolution , an unfolding of new tendrils seeking out new paths, learning new ways and gaining confidence in our ability to adapt and grow. Whether it be RL or SL to live without reflection and questioning about our own happiness and satisfaction, we will stagnate.If we accept what has always been without striving for what our hearts truly desire can we truly say we are living to our full potential.

Season’s change and so can we.. if we wish to.

DeeTaleZ on Catwa, Exile hair, PurpleMoon dress

Body: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.3
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Skin: Maddison, Eastern- Catwa applier, DeeTaleZ
Hair: Early Sunset, Exile ( @ C88)
Eyes:Hope Eyes – Chocolate , IKON
Clothing:Nikita Set Browns, :: PM ::  ( @ On9)
Jewelry: Autumn Necklace Rose Gold, Noodles ( @ C88)
Shoes: Kaylee Booties w/Sock (Maitreya Lara)- Chocolate, REIGN
Poses: from Daisy and Kalli sets , Diesel works



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