:: Twas The Month Before Christmas ::

I love this poem created by one of the VIPs at Carries, I thought that sharing it would bring a smile to many – and remind anyone not yet in Carries VIP group that this is a time of year that you do not want to miss ! Hurry and join the group lingerie addicts, tomorrow the first door opens and there is a 50% discount off 2 outfits , but only on the day of release (after that VIPs can get them at 25% discount). Carrie certainly knows how to spread Christmas cheer.

Edit; I may be wrong.. the first door might already be open.. runs to Carries to take a look!

The Official Carrie's Lingerie Blog

Carrie’s 2015 VIP Christmas Village

Carries Christmas villiage 2015 final

Below is a WONDERFUL Poem written by one of our VIP members! We had to share with everyone! Thanks so much Kativa!

‘Twas the month of white Christmas and all through the land,
Carrie and her elves were out giving a hand,
The houses were decorated with such loving care,
In hopes the VIPs would soon be there to share,

The VIPs anxiously waited to see what Carrie had in store,
As she and her elves would soon open the door.

I had picked up some outfits and tried them all on,
In the mid of the night just before dawn,
There was no one in sight, no noise or clatter,
I wandered the streets to see what was the matter.

I peeked in the windows to check on the stash,
I closed up the shutters and pulled down the sash,
The land was…

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