The Lady and the Lunatic

Selluvia Maloria gown, purple, The White Armory

Lady Elyenora was beloved by all who lived within the city where she governed with a firm but fair hand. But Elyenora had a secret , one she would never disclose to friend nor family. Though recognizable throughout the city for her delicate coloring and beautiful gowns, her secret left her unknown to all .

Lumae skin, EMO-tions hair, Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Several times a week she would ask to remain in her study undisturbed to work on accounts and legal matters arising from managing several estates a short distance from her home. Once she was sure of her solitude remaining undisturbed Elyenora would open a panel hidden in a shadowed alcove.  What appeared to be a shelf was actually a small closet which then led through a series of small passages to just outside the walled garden of her home. Whilst in the hidden enclosure Lady Elyenora transformed herself into Ibota , a young mute girl who was free to wander the countryside and city unattended. With her quiet and unhurried ways it was no surprise that animals were drawn to her, the people she encountered had grown used to her silence and kind actions. Rumors that circulated described her as a simpleton or gentle lunatic who neither stole nor begged, but seemed content to spend her days watching others and communing with animals.

Elfstone dress, bracken, The White Armory @ WLRP March

It always amazed Elyenora how with a change of clothes, the addition of some smears of mud and twigs to her hair she was transformed into someone virtually invisible whether in the forest or the bustle of the market. She valued this time of freedom not only for the chance to escape the routines of her life within the city, but also to experience firsthand the state of the land and people who relied upon her for guidance.

Note: All photos in this post were taken at the beautifully landscaped garden area in front of The White Armory, I will definitely be returning to use this wonderfully scenic area.

Body:CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.8
Maitreya Mesh Body – HUD V3.5 Lara
Skin: Eirtae – T3 – Shell // Melusine (Brow 2), Lumae (@ Genre)- includes a large range of appliers via omega
Hair: * EMMA *, .:EMO-tions:. (@ Shiny Shabby)
Eyes: Triumph Eyes – Hazel , IKON
Clothing: Selluvia Maloria Gown, purple, The White Armory
Jewelry: Blessings Gorget ~ Amethyst/Plum, Zuri Rayna Jewelry – one of the current 55L offers
Poses: Modern default, Posesion
Body:CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.8
Maitreya Mesh Body – HUD V3.5 Lara
Skin: Peasant Skin Perky, Stargazer ( @ Genre) – includes omega appliers
Hair: * MAGNA *, .:EMO-tions:.  ( @ Hairology)
Eyes: Triumph Eyes – Hazel , IKON
Clothing: Elfstone dress set bark, The White Armory ( @ We Love RP)
Accessories:Artic Friends Snow Owl (snow) RARE , ::BB:: ( past gacha event item)
robin nest . silver, dust bunny ( past gacha event item)



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