The same.. but different

With an ever growing variety of mesh heads and an enormous range of skin appliers available for mesh heads, I wanted to take a closer look at the point of individuality. The concern that by wearing a mesh head you will look like everyone else who wears that mesh head is one that stops many people from even trying a demo. As I originally held that opinion and am now a converted mesh head wearer I wanted to share some photos to see whether this is still a valid concern for people- I would love to read any feedback in the comments. Please note my purpose is not to say you should wear a mesh head but rather exploring whether it is possible to attain very individual looks whilst wearing a mesh head.


UPDATE : After discussion with Oceane Grumiaux ( of Oceane Body Design) I have taken a closer look at the photos I have shared and what I was trying to show. Though my idea of using the same applier for all heads is on one level appropriate, it does not take into account the different UV maps used for creating the mesh heads which is why there are specific appliers for Catwa mesh heads. This is the case with many skin designers who even specify which mesh head from the Catwa range a skin was made for. Therefore I am updating this post to include a sample of the Catwa applier from the Quinn skin range. I have replaced the original collage and updated the photo below , Candy has been replaced with Jessica showing the Catwa applier, in this way you can compare how it looks in both ways and hopefully can appreciate why there are specific appliers for this range.

Updated collage

The first in this photo series I am using the same Omega applier skin, Quinn in Dolce by Ocean Body Design , on a range of Omega compatible heads. I do also have several other mesh heads that are not Omega compatible at this time ( LeLutka and Fiore) which I will also show in another post.

In this post I wanted to use identical skin, hair, eyes, shape, pose and lighting to highlight how the mesh structure of the heads respond to the applier. Some of the mesh heads do encourage you to use a specially adapted version of your own shape but I noticed that the one I had adapted to work with Catwa mesh heads works pretty well for them all. Although I used the same shape for all pictures, I did need to adjust the eye position but provided you only wear one mesh head regularly you won’t need to do this over and over.

So let’s take a closer look

Slink Visage – Emma

My first step into mesh heads, a cute face but for a while I struggled to find skin appliers that were ” the right fit” for the look I wanted for everyday use

Quinn on mesh heads- Emma, Slink Visage

Catwa- Jessica

Up until recently Jessica has been my favorite everyday mesh head, I still love her. I will mention that this skin is available on Catwa appliers as well as Omega, but I wanted to be consistent with the skin I used.

Quinn on mesh heads- Jessica, Catwa

Catwa- Gwen

A more poutier look, initially Gwen didn’t grab me but the more I have worn her the more I appreciate the sultry shaping to her facial features.

Quinn on mesh heads- Gwen Catwa

Catwa applier on Jessica


Catwa applier on Jessica


Logo- Chloe

Although the most complicated to put on ( as it comes in a series of parts) there is something that appeals to me about the Logo style.

Quinn on mesh heads- Chloe, Logo

[GA.EG]- Kirsten

This head is my current every day wear mesh head, I love it in this skin line but will start experimenting with other skins in upcoming posts too.

Quinn on mesh heads- Kristen, GA.EG


Other details:
Maitreya body
Skin : Omega applier, Quinn , Dolce, Oceane Body Design
Eyes: Promise eyes, Mahogany. IKON
Hair: Out of breath, Magika
Hair base, omega applier, EMO-tions – available free as a group gift
Yearbook photo prop, oOo Studio
Linn Top Green, Maitreya, Pixicat ( @ C88)
Windlight: Nam’s Optimal skin and prim
No additional lighting used, only cropping in editing stage.


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