Beautiful butterflies

Beautiful butterflies

A moment of solitude can soothe an unsettled soul, and that has been what I have been needing over the last few days. I have ups and downs with my health, like so many people it’s unpredictable, and on the good days it feels like nothing can slow me down , until I run out of energy -which happens all too soon. But on the bad days it can be hard to stay focused on anything. I am not complaining though, just explaining, why my blog patterns can be quite erratic. But I always come back :). There’s just so many creators in SL that inspire me.. with clothing, body enhancements, accessories, jewelry.. poses.. locations – the list goes on and on.

As I went to put the finishing touches on this blog post I discovered I had not made note about where I shot this photo nor what I was wearing, I must have been in a fog when I shot this. I will add more details as I discover them but a basic rundown:

Hair from DeLa, Skin from DeeTaleZ, Eyes from Ikon, Face adornment from Oceane Body Design, skirt and top were both at February round of Uber and are from Vinyl, Shoes are from Hucci.


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